Sagittarius October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2571 views

Career growth to demand a lot of effort, says the Sagittarius October 2015 monthly horoscope as well as rules to be established while Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting Virgo brings lots of activities meant to support your career growth. The essential thing here is how you will take this energy as few tense aspects will form during October, so challenges won’t lack for you.

For instance, Neptune being in opposition to your career seems to tempt you with an apparent comfort that in fact is just a way of eluding duties and rules required on your career path, for a more respectable image of yourselves. 

Efforts and responsibilities

Around mid-October, Saturn in your sign square to Venus in Virgo indicates a struggle for keeping an image of morality and social importance, accompanied by worries and anger that could in turn resort to distorting facts.

The best way you can use the mentioned planetary transits through Virgo would be to work for your professional authority by applying rules, approaching tasks with responsibilities and develop those collaborations proved as supportive and ethical. In these circumstances, the end of the month might bring your good results in career, including money.

Friendships to be tested once again

Until October 9, while Mercury goes retrograde through Libra, shocking remarks or misunderstandings could interfere with your friendships or in your social circle. The wisest reaction will be not to react immediately, but instead to just observe and understand the motivations leading your friends to acting in a certain manner. A radical position towards some of your friends won’t do during Mercury’s retrograde transit.

Starting October 10, time for making decisions will come, but along with some challenges. You want to reach agreements around common interests, but, especially in the last decade of the month, Mercury square to Pluton and opposite to Uranus makes harmony hard to be found in your friendships. Either it’s about money issues involved there or it’s about a desire to feel free in living passions that don’t fit with your friends’ interests, the things is harmonious relationships are hard to be maintained. 

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