Sagittarius October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3831 views

You won’t necessary be a chatterbox this October but you are close enough to this. And before you roll your eyes, read the following because whatever you will talk will always have a deeper meaning.

Communications are favored and they go beyond being just simple means of transmitting information. You can express your feelings better than usual, even through words and you can also empathize with those around.

The following days will be great for practical endeavors and all clumsiness in your life will seem to be banished.

Moreover, small chores from around the house will almost go unnoticed, either because you have plenty to think about or because you are finally accepting them and just do them and move past them without any more frustration or hard feelings.

The fixed

The first few days of October are going to catch you in a perpetual search, either for practical things or for feelings and experiences. You don’t know what you want or where you need to get but to be honest, you are actually enjoying the search, the more reason not to give it up.

And it seems that the stars are not that rude as to wake you up from the reverie. Life is though and around the 7th you might have to get your feet back on the ground and deal with, truly, not something you did, but something you need to resolve.

You will be once again the grown up and others will depend upon you taking care of the matter.

Although at first you will be reluctant and frustrated about all this, it will eventually prove as the right trigger to get you back into action. The more complex what you have to deal with, the better you will feel.

Home changes

This month favors education and you can do this whenever and wherever. The only word of caution involves your concentration and your expectations because you might lose your patience if you don’t accumulate as much as you want in the amount of time you set.

And perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself, and for no particular reason. Not even those with deadlines feel the imperious need you feel to do so.

Some arrangements at home are going to attract your attention in the area and you might feel a bit left aside. This means you are turning the tables and coming in that direction with full force.

However, you will have to abide by the rules set by others as well, just like they did with yours. A good moment to learn a thing or two about reciprocity.

When there’s effort

You will have to fight for everything you get this month, that is for sure, especially with Saturn placed as it is. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no room for good luck, karma or whatever you call it.

The nicer you are to others, the higher the chances for small benefits to return to you. They are small, just as I said, so don’t imagine them replacing or competing with any result that comes from real work.

Collective endeavors are even more appreciated but this means you having to reprimand some parts of your ego in order to make it work. If your motivations are strong, then you might get involved, but otherwise, no matter who is asking, you won’t do it.

Love, sweet love

And of course, I left the sweetest part to the end. Not necessarily because it is focused more towards the second half of the month but because I wanted to deliver the best news last.

Romance is present in the lives, hearts and bodies of almost all natives this month but it will probably take very different shapes and sizes. We are talking about emotions, physical and mental combinations.

Venus is playing some games on your sky but this doesn’t mean that you have to. Directness is appreciated and the more honest and open you are about how you feel and what you want, the more chances to get it there are.

Creativity will mix with romance and surely, even the most unconvinced love interest won’t be able to resist you.

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