Sagittarius October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 3739 views

You are going to be very self conscious of your value this October and it seems that this can work either way for you. On one hand, you are going to keep your head high and will impress and get others to respect you. This attitude will also help you with both professional and personal achievements.

On the other hand, you may also appear as smug and slightly unrealistic to some people, especially those close to you who already know some of your weaknesses and tend to be a lot more critical of you.

It seems that overall, this month will be one of finding balance between you really are on the inside and the image you want to project to those around.

Level the playfield in love

You should take advantage of what this month has to offer because it seems that more or less you will be given some powerful tools that can help how you come across in your relationship.

It may be that your partner is going through a hard time and you try to help them, thus making a great impression in front of everyone or it may be that you are showing more patience than ever.

You have the power around the 10th to impose a decision you long wanted to make and everyone will be a 100% with you on that. You may lose your enthusiasm quite rapidly but it seems that your partner will manage to pick you up at the right time.

After the 20th, a friend may come with some news that are going to be well discussed in your own relationship and some interesting conclusions may come out of this.

In times of war

I know that this is not really what you want to hear about this month at work but it is happening and there is no way of getting away from it. Whether you have an active role or are just caught in the whole situation, you might find the first three weeks of October especially difficult at work.

Conflict is lurking around the corner at all times and everyone seems to be out there to impose themselves and obviously, you are no different.

Some natives will find it easier to work with some business partners than with their own colleagues whilst in the case of others, they will create a coalition in the workplace and make life miserable for strangers.

This is an especially difficult time for negotiations because no one is willing to make any compromise. Maybe try to postpone any important decisions that need to agreed by more than one part.

Be careful what you eat

Your vitality may be diminished during the first half of the month and no amount of motivation will be able to help you pick that up.

It may also be that you will suffer from some head aches and should be careful to go out dressed appropriately for the weather. There is a risk of catching colds even when the temperature is not that small.

Also, during the second half, you might want to be particularly careful at the quality of what you eat and perhaps stay away from fatty and foreign foods. Your stomach will thank you for this. Otherwise, you might have to postpone some activities because you are not feeling well and will end up being quite embarrassed by this.

Forgetting about rules

If there is something to be criticized about your behavior this month, is the fact that you will have these moments in which you will be very dreamy and will not look at anything else that is happening around.

When this is coupled with stubbornness, a recipe for disaster is ready. You will prepare to stick to your own scenarios and will not want to adapt, not even when reality kicks you right in the face.

If there is something you will struggle with, then it is rules, especially those set by other people. Some native may even end up in trouble with the police, perhaps for speeding or indecent behavior.

After the 25th, your relationship with young people will see a boost and this is a great time to mingle and get closer to youngsters in the family. You may not get them completely, but surely this is a step ahead.

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