Sagittarius October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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You are going to be quite undecided this October and will be seeking to receive all sort of confirmations from those around. Some may be more lenient towards you and will help out whilst others will be very annoyed and will not endorse this behaviour.

You will need to be most careful to impulses and temptations this month because you appear to be quite easy to influence and it is a shame for you to succumb to them and perhaps be caught in some unpleasant consequences.

A lot of the confusion you will be going through this month will be linked to the fact that you are also not decided as to some things you wish to do, perhaps have planned some things but you don’t really know how to put them in practice and so on.


Astrological aspect of the month: On the 24th, the Venus Saturn sextile might surface a tendency of yours towards self-denial and a sense of sacrifice that is directed towards people whom you love very much and wish to support.

Don’t miss out on the key moments

During the first half of the month most of your energy will be directed to your personal life but it seems that things will change after the 15th, because you will somehow realize that you need to balance it all.

And perhaps you need to also step away from emotional aspects and focus on dealing with some practicalities, just to be able to get your confidence back in place.

Under the New Moon in Libra occurring on the 9th you will need to be very careful about your tendency to close some feelings in yourself and not discuss them with those dear.

It may be that you will need your alone moments but there will be other times when your isolating tendencies will appear to be slightly offensive to others.

You will show around this time just how capricious you can be but at the same time your creativity and ingenuity will be increased. So this is also a good time to show, in your social circle, how unique you are and what you can contribute with.

There may be some moments at work where you will need to put your hand up and say when you don’t understand things and this might be difficult to do for your assertive and perfectionistic self.

But it needs to be done and will serve you good, not to mention that around the 15th, there are some opportunities for formal education and you should jump on this train for sure.

Be careful about big plans however because there are a lot of things you don’t understand or don’t know about and it will be difficult to keep all of them in mind.

In order to balance your work life you will need to surround yourself by specialists to whom you can go for advice. They will help you gain the knowledge and will show you the risks.

You may also want to refrain from too much shopping or signing up for different activities that you will then not go to. There is a tendency to slightly waste money that you will need to be careful about avoiding.

Special: Your love life this October

It seems that you will be very preoccupied about improving your romantic life this October, whether this translates into you being very careful about what you do in your relationship or upping your game with trying to find the right one.

Chances are high that your plans will be successful but you must also be realistic about what you can and what you can’t achieve. It may also be that you are too stubborn in some regards and a little bit too relaxed in others.

What you should be looking for is obviously a balance between the two, but most importantly, you should aim to meet the expectations of your love interest.

But in doing so, you might want to be careful about compromises that you set out to make because with Venus retrograde, the temptation to move past important life principles will be quite big.

You also have the capacity to forget, forgive and move on and this might prove useful for some natives, who may be experiencing some troublesome relationships.

Around the middle of the month you might get involved in an activity that will help your love life from a distance. At first, you may not realize the link but this will soon become apparent, especially for people whom have just started a relationship.

The Full Moon on the 24th might put you in a rather nostalgic position so you might find yourself craving for some aspect of a relationship you had in the past. Some will be as stubborn as to try and recreate that in the present but it will simply not be the same.

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