Sagittarius October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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It appears like this October hands you a great opportunity to review and re-evaluate your long-term goals and to find a group of like-minded people to help you reach your ideals.

You may have suffered from a certain tension, either in the workplace, or in terms of your health and your mood. Now it’s time to shake that away and move on.

Now, as you continue to exert effort, your tension should gradually ease.

An excellent month for mediation, to spend some time away from everyday issues. The New Moon gives you the energy to start on a new path.

It is also a good time for lonely Sagittarius who can meet a person who will fascinate them and with whom they could start a relationship.

The end of the month brings changes in the workplace and even on the career plan as a whole.

October highlights

This month you can increase your closeness to your life partner and you can help each other financially. If you are employed, you can be successful at work. If you have a business it can expand.

During the first week it would be desirable not to invest in group projects and if you want to borrow a friend, think twice if such a move would be appropriate.

Family time will be important to you and you will enjoy every moment with your loved ones. You can take steps to buy an apartment or a car, but the expenses can exceed your budget. This month is good for learning new things or for taking exams.

Some anxiety and fears might descend upon you around the 15th and keep you a little stuck in your track. But with the help of someone older and wiser, you will gradually become more sociable and return to some of your habits.

Around the 23rd, some past relationship might return in your life, or perhaps some doubts from your past or even mistakes, will keep you wide awake at night.

If there is something you can do in order to make amends for a past mistake, then waste no more time and do it now. You will feel so much relief if you do so.

The end of October will be marked by bold plans and a better understanding of what you really want to accomplish until the year ends and you will become a lot more focused and ready to implement some changes, all of a sudden.

Sagittarius love horoscope for October 2019

Your ability to make decisions in your romantic life will be slowed down in October. That's because of Mercury's strong influence.

Because of your slowdown, you may miss an interesting opportunity, but you don't have to worry about another coming because something quite romantic might be in the work anyhow.

Although you have more social freedom, you will lack interest, unless of course, some romantic prospect is on the horizon in your group of friends too.

You have what you want and you have no desire. When you ate that big piece of chocolate cake, your desire was fulfilled and you no longer want the cake.

After the 15th, your behaviour in romance will be a little despotic, with you being the one who likes to dictate in the relationship, not really listening to what your significant other desires.

The main challenges that you will have with your partner could be linked to financial conflicts or disagreements or perhaps your concern for friends will distract you from your financial goals.

Maybe the financial barriers prevent you from joining this new group or organization or participating in certain group activities. You will have to balance these two areas.

Career and finances progress this month

With your Tenth house quite activated this October, you can make remarkable progress in career development and in relationships with superiors.

Regular work can take you far, and in the middle of the month it might even be advisable to change strategies or maybe even professional direction. Push ahead and don’t be afraid to demand for what you deserve.

Sagittarians are more willing than ever to make an effort, to think long-term, and this will be of great use to them in the future.

The first results could be seen even right after the 24th, but try not have too high expectations in terms of revenue growth.

The money doesn't come very easily this month, there are no big earnings or salary increases.

Towards the end of the month you begin to see things more clearly, more pragmatically, and you manage to self-evaluate in a more realistic way.

At the end of the month, conflicts can arise about money or how others value your value.

If you show all the creativity you have and do not hesitate to put your talents to work for the general good, you can become highly appreciated and maybe even get your 15 minutes of celebrity too.

Health and wellbeing

No matter what seems to be going on, you prefer to turn a blind eye and keep an optimistic mood.

You show your positive energy and it is precisely because of this that you attract people who are pleasant, read, open, to your liking.

Social and loving relationships are well looked after and you have every chance to go perfectly this month, if you do not fall into the sin of returning to the past again and again.

Malleability and detachment, that's what you need.

Take advantage of the New Moon on the 9th, because it’s a great time to start a detox of some kind. Try the juices and vegetable salads and keep your appetite in check!

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