Sagittarius October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In this upcoming month, you won’t be content by the way stars are acting out towards you. October will be the period when Sagittarians are not comfortable enough to be in a good mood, which will make this time a hard one for them.

With Mercury fading, it will be hard to connect with their acquaintances. Despite all these things, Venus will give a good shot for Sagittarians’ students to stand out, as well as for philosophers and educators.

After the first half of October, these natives might be persecuted or provoked while on their jobs. October is the month when Sagittarians are going to deal up with various accountabilities. It will be the perfect time to leave the past behind and walk confidently into the future.

October 2020 Highlights

This next month is going to be a rough one for Sagittarians, whose will be fighting with despair, communication issues and the sensation of being stuck somewhere, as if chased by some past ghost.

The passing Mercury along with Venus in your 12th House is going to hit very hard. In the last few days of October, though, you will happily solve all your issues and finally, feel that you are getting over with all that isolation and grief.

At the same time, your work area will shine by getting the promotion you always wanted, so fight to gain the professional recognition you deserve. Your ability to develop the first half of this month will come from patience and calm.

Conversely, any difficulties will turn into success at your workplace with the help of a Virgo. A Libran will be an excellent partner to begin new work projects.

On the other hand, Cancers and Aquarians will be excellent partners for passion. In contrast, some issues may appear in relation with a Capricorn or a Sagittarian. Leos can be best friends in this period, and perhaps you would want to stay away from Taurus. Some Scorpios might put space between them and you at this period.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope for October

Sagittarians may experience some commotion in the love area. We think this will not harm you. Benefit from the transit of Uranus trough Aries and Venus’s passing in Leo to restart that complicity that always delights you.

Then, conversely, Mars with Jupiter, and Venus in the sign of Virgo will bring to surface some unexpected struggles. Within the first few weeks of October, you will have to wait for the good things.

Cancers are going to be suddenly flooded by uncertainties which will translate in rejecting all your moves and proposals. A long thread of misinterpretations will keep Sagittarians away from their loved ones. If you want to keep your lover by your side, you will need to remain calm.

Towards the last few weeks of this month, your posture towards love is going to change for good. You can use a hand from your acquaintances to be nearby Aquariuses. You will require high levels of determination if you want to be together with a Pisces.

Sagittarians will experience some romantic favors thanks to Venus. This will help you to light up the romance fire when traveling abroad, or even in your home country, but when choosing a newcomer as your lover.

You will also enjoy the first few days of October to strength the connection of your current relationship through lust.

Career and Finances Horoscope

The work area will experience some important improvement thanks to the presence of Uranus in the sign of Aries. If you want to achieve success and recognition, make changes in your work habits by improving the methods that favour the progress of your work.

We know that this task is not going to be stress-free, but with serenity and persistence, you will emerge victorious. There is a chance that you become bothered by a co-worker’s role or self-doubt, so practice tolerance.

When Pluto gets to Capricorn, you will experience some major changes. This month, you will have the incredible chance to attain a promotion, recognition from your professional colleagues, and power.

Your success will not come stress-free since some divergences with colleagues, supervisors, and others can get in the middle of your ascension road. Nonetheless, if you decide to tackle any problem before it grows, you will assure your success.

Claiming that problems don’t exist can tear apart some personal and work relations, so be very careful about that. Since Sagittarians tend to be highly demanding, this can bring some problems with colleagues and employees.

Even though some menacing climate threatens your success, you can use your valuable dialoguing skills to smooth conflicts and convince your partners. With the help of Arians, you will overcome any obstacles at your workplace.

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