Sagittarius September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3729 views

If you know what you want this September than you are sure to get it or to be given enough time and resources to make it happen on your own. Sounds promising, isn’t it. Well it’s the truth so pack on the motivation and boldness and off you go.

The only word of caution, because surely there must be one, regards those words from the beginning: if you know what you want. This is the area where you might dwell between choices and the main weakness you have to beat this month.

You want many things and are working on a lot of them but while your hopes are as big as the sky, this doesn’t have to mean that they are actually right for you. What is yours is yours, but you need to go through a lot of reflection, trial and error, to get to that point. But they say the road there is the purpose, not the destination.

Work matters

No matter what else is happening, the first few days of the month should be focused on work and you need to be as responsible as possible there.

Not only in order to avoid error and complications but also because you might be watched and this good impression you have the potential to create now, will help you a lot in the future.

Some discussions with colleagues, most likely started because of some kind of childish gossip, not even necessarily about yourself, will bitter things for a bit. But with tact and diplomacy you will get past this.

A project or some lengthy task might come to an end and although you might get some recognition and even some money out of it, the whole reward is yet to come.

Family time now

Around the 10th, your family will require most of your attention and this should mark a change in your behavior and priorities. This month is all about where you direct your attention so this is why I am trying to emphasize this.

You might not even be required for practical matters, merely for advice, but you need to listen to the signs. Even the simple aspect of being there for them will count, and you can’t imagine how much.

This might be the moment of some news surfacing, something a bit disappointing, that might need a few days from you, for emotional processing.

You are also fast forwarding with an important financial matter for the family, perhaps a big purchase or sell. And although you would like to do everything yourself, you will have to let a professional be in charge.

Of course you will stress them out with questions but you are doing for the wellbeing of those dear to you so they will eventually understand that.

Trouble in paradise

Once some of the worries above are dissipating and adding the Venus apparition to the mix, you are altogether more keen on spending time with your partner, or, if you are single, finding someone to share sweet moments with.

I will need to halt your excitement here for a bit because this will also be about trial and error, either because of the mood of your partner or because you keep bumping into people who are in no way a match with you.

This will most likely contribute to your state of agitation and when this kicks in, you are advised to move your focus elsewhere and try to consume this energy on a hobby or sport. It might sound a bit daft but this will also help you relax.

Other natives might find themselves in a bit of an emotional storm because they might feel as if they are not offering enough to their partners, emotionally and not only.

And now it’s time for fun

With the end of the month approaching, your social being is highlighted and you prefer to surround yourself with as many people as possible.

For some, this might be because their emotional side is acting up and trying to hide other feelings while other natives simply want to entertain themselves. And after a long month with work and others, why shouldn’t they.

It is important how you use this time as well because, beside fun, it might help you set some interesting collaborations or find out about things and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

You will have to censor yourself in front of some sort of temptation, which will most likely feed into one of your weaknesses, so consider yourself warned.

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