Sagittarius September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3516 views

It seems that this September is the best time for you, dear Sagittarius, to take charge of your life. You won’t be able to avoid the unavoidable anymore and you will be faced with some rather interesting romantic dilemmas.

A fiery month ahead in terms of your professional life as well because you don’t seem willing to let things go and will fight for the respect of others and for the results you are expecting.

And to ensure that you continue on the same note, it seems that the stars have prepared a likeminded company for you, thus you will tend to stick to people who are in a similar place in life as you.

There will be some days in which you will downplay everything but overall, there is something to obtain or at least a challenge to fight, almost every day.

Love and war

The first week might make you lose hope in regard to some personal plans you’ve had, perhaps because your partner wants to do something else. In any case, you will adapt quite easily to what is expected from you and will leave sorrow aside.

Some natives may put on a small scene, for their partner to know that they have not conceded that easily.

Romantic times will come however, especially because your loved one might feel slightly guilty about the change your plans.

And who in their right mind will not take advantage of this. The word of advice is to prepare some sort of weekend escape as this will be more than lovely.


Around the 15th, you will be in fight with your own ideas and you will feel some sort of internal pressure to make things happen. This has more to do with the accomplishments you see around you and the need to follow.

There may be some tendency of yours to temporarily isolate yourself, either to work as hard as possible or to stay away from such success stories.

Of course that with a little objectivity you would go past these things easily. Nothing is exactly what it seems and you shouldn’t let what others are doing dictate what you feel you should be doing.

Single natives are prompted to focus on being open to possible love stories or even a small autumn fling, during the weekend of 16, 17.

Motivate yourself

Coming back to the main motive of this month, you might come across some situations in which you can become more responsible, even though you might find them quite hard to digest at first.

It may be that you will take advice from someone older or even accept that you were wrong in not listening to what your family had to say at some point in your life.

You are the master of your life and whilst you shouldn’t wait for other to prompt you to make due changes, it is important to get motivated when time is right.

Some natives might also be prompted by some encounter with a person from their past who will appear to be very successful. It may come across as superficial, but in the end, whatever trigger works.

Good karma

The last week of the month should be dedicated to any spiritual activities you enjoy as it seems that personal revelations and a new path may arise from these. Spend time outdoors, with or without other people and surround yourself with good thoughts.

This may seem slightly far-fetched but you do need good karma at the moment. Refrain from criticizing others, especially people you care about. Have something nice to say, even towards someone who hasn’t been nice to you.

The latter will also work in the office, might raise some eyebrows but surely will end up putting you in a position of superiority to those who are just gossipy and jealous.

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