Sagittarius September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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You are going to be drawn to anything that is different and eccentric this September and you will prefer to break from the norm, as much as possible. You are not necessarily very rebellious because you are still respecting the basic rules of society, plus, you are not doing this to impress anyone.

You are, perhaps, just seeking pleasure in all sort of areas of your life, hoping that some sort of breakthrough will surface, one that will make you feel very comfortable with your life.

Some calculations and refrain will be needed during the first half of the month because it seems that you will aim to keep a tight budget and your priorities will be well thought of.

Your usual optimism might be challenged by some limitations you encounter at work, that might shake a bit your perception regarding some people close to you.

During the second half of the month, some matters of inspiration and awareness are going to surface and you might find yourself sort of playing the detective, trying to figure out what it is expected from you.


Enhance! In order to keep yourself relaxed and in a good mood this September, perhaps the persistent questions should be “why not”. This will sort of be your excuse when attempting something new and not thinking about the consequences of your actions.

A wealth of opportunities

September appears to debut in force for you, with occasions to have fun with your friends and the ability to express your emotions more clearly.

It appears that the Mercury sextile Venus aspect is giving you a boost of charm and social skills and you will not hesitate to use them. This is a good time to ask people for minor favours because they will be a lot more reactive to your needs.

However, you need to be careful and not exaggerate about these things because you are not going to create the best image of yours if you start taking advantage of people in casual situations.

Around the 9th, the Sun forms a sextile aspect with Jupiter, one that is generally known as optimistic and bringing luck in everyone’s life.

This is the best moment of the month to focus on your money, whether you are saving it, working harder to produce more, trying to invest or getting into some sort of risky business. Your wealth may grow but this will not happen overnight, so we are still discussing about matters of patience here.


TOP TIP of the month: Some natives may find out that with a particular sum of money, not only comes the joy and the responsibility but also a feeling of power, perhaps in the entourage and the ability to influence some events.

Towards the end of the month, the focus should fall on studies, attentive and focused work and organizing matters because under the Mercury trine Mars aspect debuting on the 22nd, increased mental activity is going to be benefited.

This is the ideal time to study and take exams and be sure that your way of communication will be persuasive and will generate favourable reactions.


Astrological aspect of the month: After the 24th, should your self-confidence need a boost, you can most certainly receive it from the Sun trine Mars aspect who will prompt you to think more about your life ideals and to aspire to make them happen.

Special: Your love life this September

The possibility of unrequited love might come to play this September and it may be that some natives will even prefer to keep their crush secret, not hoping for a second, that something good might come out of this situation.

Because Mars has finished its retrograde motion and returns direct, there are chances of a spicy affair to take place, especially as Venus is on the move as well.

Secrets might become the best currency and whilst you will move away from keeping things from others, you might find that it is you who is now being kept in the dark.

This will probably make you raise your guard again and leave your love life as second priority.

From the second half of September onwards, love will mix with social aspects and single ones are only going to be on the lookout for important people with a certain status.

But because you are not terribly charming or show particular interest, chances to draw someone’s attention are going to be slim, if you just behave like you normally do.


Watch out! You are not going to take all your commitments seriously and this might cause some problems but you will be very quick to sweeten up any situation that could degenerate.

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