Scorpio April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 3960 views

A lot of agitation around, especially at work but you seem to mind your own business and are not really affected by anything. You also seem to deal just fine with deadlines and working under pressure. What can I say, you truly are a model for everyone this Spring.

Maybe you’ve cheated and recharged your batteries or who knows, someone at home is helping you out by making you happy and keeping your mind and emotions busy.

Different energies

And with such good prospects, we should get some social activities in the mix so you can spend your energy properly. Perhaps you will get this chance during the first weekend of the month.

Meanwhile, you are also exploring a new humanitarian side of yours so I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to participate in a cross or some sort of volunteering, fund raising activity.

Venus is making you feel a bit influenced but in a good way so you’ll probably enjoy those activities and crave to participate in others in the future. Some sharp discussions at home might leave you with a bitter taste, perhaps because of children or because of chores that weren’t done at the right time.

In any case, you are arguing about mundane activities and loosing focus on the important things. You are not awarded any leverage even if you didn’t start the fight. Your partner doesn’t have to know better if you take their lead and continue such talks or challenges.

Work, debt and more work

Around the middle of the month some interesting opportunities at work will keep you busy with presentations and comparisons. A good moment to exhibit your critical analysis but make sure you stay within the boundaries of your assignments.

The situation can prove two faced in no time and you don’t want to end up in disgrace. There are some things you need to work on but also others that you need to be secretive and you shouldn’t get past this.

During these professional challenges you might meet some new people but don’t be naïve into believing they are genuinely kind and not using you for their own purposes. It will be quite disappointing if you do so and then get a rude awakening.

You will see some expenses going higher after the 18th and for some natives this might be temporary while for other natives this will be the new norm. If it’s bills than you must act responsibly, but if it is some sort of credit coming from you overspending you should know better.

You’ll also have the tendency to search for extra gigs or business ideas during this period but as soon as the debt is settled and the worries are gone you’ll return to your laid back attitude about entrepreneurship. 

What affects you

Coming back to your love life, with Mercury going retrograde around the 28th you can be sure the talks are going to be back and even in better force. But this time at least they might have some grounds and you will need a lot more arguments to get by.

Some matters from the past might be reawakened and you never know what resentments they might reveal. Don’t necessarily feel attacked by this but take it seriously though because it might affect your relationship at a deeper level.

Work is productive even during the last week and you’ll be faced with a lot of information that you will have to sort and organize. Overall, you’ll actually enjoy this activity and it might be different from what you usually do, therefore counting as a nice break from routine.

Temptations ahead

Some dynamism and promising events in your social life, especially connected to one dear friend. And Saturn has some involvement in this, making you all of a sudden a lot more receptive to fun ideas.

On one of these occasions however you might be faced with some temptation, something very hard to ponder upon. And of course you will be left with a lot of questions about your own desires if you don’t act upon it.

The worst part is that this will probably address one of your weaknesses, not necessary a vice but something that you shouldn’t be doing.

As the end of the month approaches, your health weakness and you will need to replenish on those lost hours of sleep. At the same time maybe you should give up your reluctance to taking vitamins and supplement and take them without questioning their reliability. 

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