Scorpio April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3190 views

You will have to take things one step at a time this April as everything is evolving really fast around you and therefore you need to adapt. This means that no matter how much planning you put forward, life will turn things as it pleases, but most times to your excitement.

Professionally speaking you are being put in the spotlight and are enjoying it very much, despite the fact that this comes with some attached long work hours and extra pressure. You are not very sociable however, because your thoughts are always somewhere else.

But whomever cares about you, will stand beside you. Some natives will crave for more once they figure out the flavor of success and will get involved in a lot of initiatives.

Work matters

It seems that around the 5th of April you will have the occasion to play the card of diplomacy and an important outcome will depend on how well you play your card. You are looking for rapid fixes but this is not the case.

Family activities may require your attention but you are quick to react to those and either postpone them or make small apparitions accompanied by very good excuses.

You will always feel as if you are on the run during this month but it will be worth it. However, there may be some situations in which you will just want to relax and motivation will run low but you know how it is, people don’t talk about the hidden part of success.

Various activities

You are very focused on securing the help of certain people and therefore will become quite creative in attracting their attention, especially around the 10th. There may be some rivalry and bad press that you need to dodge but this will only make matters the more interesting.

Some practical activity that you have to deal with at home will derail your plans for a day or so but in the end, you either fix it yourself or find someone who knows what is doing, so that is out of the way quick.

You are trying to delegate as much as possible and will end up to a point where you won’t want to take any more responsibilities on board.

Some natives will indulge for a bit and money will be spent but as long as it’s theirs, no blame can be put on them. Venus may also be contributing to this and might make the blood boil.

A bit of relaxation …

The second half of April will debut with a more peaceful period of a couple of days in which you will be able to recharge your batteries and perhaps spend some time with your partner. A great moment to put in practice the impulses Venus sends.

Some natives will be planning a weekend getaway while others might find themselves dwelling on whether to take things to a next level. In this case, with a bit of creativity, they can create a memory that will last forever.

This doesn’t mean however that you will have the perfect words about you all the time and the fact that at times, you might not be able to express exactly how you feel, might put some doubt out there.

If your partner is open and patient enough, they will slowly get to the root of it, but if they prefer to keep to themselves, there will be this shadow between the two of you.

What else you occupy your time with

The last week of April is going to be quite active but only because you want it like this. You are taking each day as it comes but you are also setting some high goals and then are trying to make them happen.

A friend of yours will come to you with a problem and although at first you won’t think you are able to help, you will eventually prove just how ingenious you are.

And to make matters even better, you will actually help them put the plan in practice, this time because you are curious yourself. Another proof of generosity will come in regard to something that happens to an acquaintance.

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