Scorpio April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Breathe easy Scorpio, time is on your side this April and you can take as much as possible, especially in key moments. Don’t procrastinate too much though when it comes to aspects of your life and improvements you can make.

Otherwise, take your sweet time, especially in love matters, especially if you’ve just started a new relationship. Make sure you keep an eye on your personal development and don’t compromise on your values so early on.

A sudden sense of humor and distinctive attractivity are going to descend upon you and will change how you are perceived by those around.

You are excited by the air of mystery surrounding this transformation but deep inside, may feel anguished by not knowing where it came from and whether it will stay for long. Leave these thoughts aside and just enjoy the ride whilst it lasts.

During the second half of the month, there may be some restlessness on your part, manifesting in the work place and triggering some rather aggressive reactions. You don’t really know how to handle when things don’t go according to plan and will take it out on the most likely culprit.

This means that late in the month, you will need to work back your way and rebuild the relationships you have broken during these outings of yours. With this, a new wave of energy will increase your social tonus. Don’t overdo this though because aspects of superficiality may surface and you will go back to where you started.

Your work relationships may be under some stress this beginning of April as you don’t seem to be giving in to any peer pressure. You are craving stability and a comfort but you tend to believe that this is hard to achieve in your current work environment.

The Venus trine Saturn disposition is going to turn fiery, especially when it comes to investments. You will benefit from all sort of opportunities but you will need to be thorough in your final choice. After all, you don’t want any regrets.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Jupiter Pluto sextile encourages solitary activities, occasions for you to prove your own self-worth. You are more dynamic this month when competing alone, as your control increases over the effort and attention put in the task.

Making good use of your time

Commitments and long-term investments are going to be on the table during the first week of the month. And it is not only due to the Venus trine Saturn influence but also due to your need to break the routine you are in but without jeopardizing your future.

You will therefore find the perfect way to satisfy your need for change and the need to ensure you are stable and safe on the long term.

You may also find that you have a rather sensible approach in the company of young people and the advice you give out will be very attractive.

The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will bring you extra energy but you need to dose it carefully and not throw yourself head first into any work matters, no matter how urgent they may be.

This Eclipse does provide but will also take from you as it seems this is going to be a rather difficult time for those trying to promote their interests. Social responsibilities may appear to be just too much so you may also choose to isolate yourself at home for a couple of days, around the 14th. Perhaps this will not be a bad occasion to return to a long-forgotten hobby.


TOP TIP of the month: Your popularity will reach unexpected heights this April so be prepared to be in the spotlight. The way you interact with those around, especially your family, will be under great scrutiny.

Behind the successful image

The Venus Neptune sextile will wake up your senses and will only have you think about setting up romantic encounters. This is a great time for intimacy but unless the basis is one of care and empathy, your behavior will appear to be rather superficial and even aggressive.

Being at ease with your sexuality will translate in a better dynamic at work, with you finding the courage to say things exactly as they are.

You may increase the quality of your social connections but will need to be careful not to appear rather desperate. These are exchanges so you need to give by the measure of what you are receiving.

You may be tempted to follow two different leads at once, especially in your romantic life so you should be warned that this is not going to take you to a good place, on the contrary may even tense things at home.

Right before the 19th, the Venus trine Pluto aspect will activate its karmic pull and will likely put you in contact with someone who is going to be very important for you this summer. You may even have a break in seeing them but will re-meet later on.

This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to leave any loose ties, especially in business matters. Make sure you don’t owe anything to anyone.


Enhance: Better keep your focus on one thing at a time this April, no matter how motivated or creative you are feeling. Fortify your persistence and attention in one direction and the accomplishments you envision will become a reality.

Ready for service

You need to be a little bit more practical when it comes to matters of the heart, especially during the time of month when the Sun moves into your opposite sign, Taurus.

You are easily upset by the words of others and your sensitivity is not going to be up the street of your significant others.

It may also be that disposition is not allowing any room for interpretation so however you come across, this is how you are going to be remembered.

Some natives may have some difficulties learning, especially if they are preparing for an exam or something similar.

With Mercury relinquishing its retrograde position at the middle of the month you won’t be able to find any excuses, especially when you are trying to get away without doing any work at home.

The Mars Jupiter sextile on the 24th will favor any endeavors that have to do with helping others but you will still need to put your mind to work to find the best solutions. Whilst helping others, you may come one step closer to accomplishing a dream of yours as well. Single natives may even get the chance to meet someone new.


Watch out! With Venus in your opposing sign Taurus, you will come across quite a few roadblocks in your romantic endeavors. Inadvertently, you are going to show a superficial side of yours, one that surely isn’t attractive to your love interest.

A straightforward demeanor

You will be quick to abandon any discussions that may appear conflictual during the last week of April and you will try to surround yourself with an atmosphere of calm and peace.

Your demands may be considered slightly exaggerated by those close especially because you will be making excuses so that you can avoid certain interactions.

With Saturn’s position in Capricorn, you are able to handle a greater volume of work but you are sort of going to keep this as a secret. You are faithful and will prove your loyalty should there be a crisis of some kind, but this is all you are going to do for others.

We can forget about being generous this end of April as you are going to keep your wallet shut tight. Luckily, you are not spending anything on yourself either so there is no risk to be criticized and branded as selfish.

The Sun trine Saturn disposition will bring new occasions of achievement and recognition on Saturday the 28th, but you will be rather critical of yourself and will dismiss most of what is about to happen as not significant enough.

Under the protection of the Full Moon in your sign, you are going to be very direct, even harsh and cynical and you are going to get away with it.

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