Scorpio August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3921 views

An interesting disposition for Scorpios this August, set to bring important developments in love but also travel opportunities for those keen for a change of scenery. You are demanded some things in exchange, such as to listen to your intuition, be bold and let self criticism for later on.

In general, you will have to work and play hard this month but most likely, the chances you will stumble upon will be worth it.

And in order to be well prepared for this, it appears that you are thrown a lot of lucidity, critical judgement and creativity. You may need to develop your empathy and generosity on your own but if you succeed that, almost any collaboration you have due this month will accomplish its potential.

Love matters

Talking about dispositions, it is worth noting that Venus is really holding your luck this month and will supervise more than your love life.

Those in stable relationships can breathe easily because they will not only be able to relax, but might get to know new things about their partner without the fuss of getting out of their comfort zone.

And there is no need to approach any sensible or tense subjects either. You will get along just fine and understand just by glancing at each other.

The single natives on the other hand might be in for a bit of excitement, some unslept nights and feelings of missing out if they don’t do what they feel they should do.

This is the time for courageous moves and to accept rejection with a straight head. Not everything will be milk and honey but it is part of the game and you should accept it as it is.

Now about work

On the other hand, the main source of stress will be work, both because of work load, perhaps because others may be on holiday and also because you have great plans for yourself and ambitions are hanging high.

You may have some troubles imposing your authority, especially if you are too firm and don’t show any flexibility to the needs of those around. But you can work around this leadership thing with a bit of patience.

Don’t expect too big of financial returns because things may be moving slow and steady during this period. Mars and Saturn may bring some bad news or just bills to pay, another reason why you may spend a night or two full awake, depending on the responsibilities you have at work.

Around the middle of the month, these may clear out and you will only remain with the good lesson learned.

Being healthy

Around the 20th, your emotions are changing a million times a day and you have so many thoughts in your mind that you feel you will explode. This is also because you have a lot of physical energy that you don’t manage to extinguish entirely during a normal day.

You are advised to make arrangements to spend time outdoors, perhaps practice some physical exercises. It would be good to involve your family as well and set a good example.

This moment will also wake you up in regard to your health that you might have neglected recently and all of a sudden you will become very conscious of what you eat. This might become the joke of your friends if you share your new habits with them but don’t let this distract you from your purpose.

Increasingly self-conscious

As the month approaches its end, you will also be more interested in your image and how your thoughts are conveyed. You will search for feedback to people you look up to but at least at the moment you are quite inflexible when it comes to applying what you just learned.

It may need for a few more days to pass before you can process everything you have been told. At the same time, you shouldn’t take everything as it is because one person doesn’t necessarily have the wisdom or the opinion of thousands.

The most practical goal you will achieve will this is that you will continue to be health concerned, meaning the effusion of the previous week has chances to continue even beyond September, bringing real change in your life.

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