Scorpio August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3984 views

This August you are about to meet with both some of your biggest fears and with the deepest emotions. This is quite a rollercoaster month but overall, you will probably end up understanding that everything that had happened was for your own good.

There will be plenty of learning occasions but it is up to you to make use of them properly. You might also come across some interesting characters, but the more focused you are on yourself, the less you are going to learn from them.

This August it will be quite easy for you to sabotage yourself and no matter how much those dear to you may get involved, you might find that if you don’t want to do something, you will lose out.

A superficial side

There will be talks about material gain all over the place this August, especially in the family and you will be very much into showing others exactly what you have.

Also, some natives will have to keep up with friends, perhaps by booking lavish travel or such, an initiative which will also produce some discussions in the family. If you are cornered about this, even you will realize that your demands and false pretences are quite silly.

If there is something that is not superficial in all of this, then it must be your intention of doing everything in your power to stay next to influential people. Your communication skills in such context will be appreciated.

Good and bad habits

You are prone to sticking to one particular activity and just go with it, so beware, especially around the 10th, of building any fixations and habits, as it will be quite hard to get away from them.

You might be able to use this to your own advantage however, perhaps by instilling a healthy routine in your life. You could involve your partner as well but don’t expect them to be too responsive.

It may be that they are sort of turning their back on you, on this occasion, either as a small revenge for a similar thing you did to them, or simply because they are quite busy during this period.

You also need to be realistic about what you wish to achieve and not set yourself to fail from the start. What I mean is to take things step by step and persevere, at least through the start. You will be forced to get out of your comfort zone and try something you long dreaded.

Changing thoughts

After the 17th, it seems that despite all your intentions of staying away from the spotlight, you will find yourself in the centre of everyone’s attention. Chances are this is related to work and might be followed by some sort of recognition of your work, if not a promotion or some other kind of material reward.

It is probably clear to you by now that this is going to link with your behaviour from the beginning of the month and you will cling to some illusory thoughts.

Because of this, you might want to stay away from any real plans or trying to pursue certain initiatives. You might find that your desires and wishes will change quite frequently during this period.

It may be that you also lose track of time, especially around the 20th, a perilous thing that may lead to some delays in your day to day activities.

Emotional times

Remember about the emotional rollercoaster, well, love is going to give you loads of reasons to rejoice and maybe to shed some tears.

You will be kept waiting by someone special and this will dig deeper into your own personal confidence issues.

You may also be put face to face with worries you haven’t had in a long time and this time, despite previous experience, it seems that you are going to react in an even more exaggerated manner.

What could help is to stop fixating on particular details, especially if these are not necessarily of real importance.

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