Scorpio August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-07-22, 5328 views

An August of mystery and chasing personal needs whilst navigating some ambiguous signals from those around. Whilst this might sound like a terrible time for others, for you dear Scorpio, it seems like the perfect disposition.

And to make matters even more interesting, almost everything that you do these days will be achieved by following the less travelled path, so you will get the chance to put your own stamp on how some things should be done, especially on the domestic plan.


Watch out! To be fair with you, there may also be some moments of despair, whilst you are seeking for the right decisions, but you shouldn’t really let this negativity get a hold of you.

During the second half of the month, you may progress really quickly through some matters of work and this will give you a lot of self-confidence, although, at home, love matters may pose some interesting questions and you will just feel like you don’t have time for all of this.

The hidden advice here is to let yourself a bit carried away by your emotions, especially in intimacy. Whilst it may seem counterproductive, this practice will actually help you achieve clarity faster. It might even help to put some things on paper so don’t dismiss the old-fashioned letter writing habit.

Creative breakthroughs

A great start of the month under the fiery aspect of Mars square Uranus, debuting on the 1st of August. Under this you are not going to take no for granted and will most certainly hurry to make a good impression under any circumstances that occur in your life.

You are prompted to channel your energy on positive endeavours and have quite a few chances to reinvigorate your personal life as well.

Under the bold demeanor of Mars, the fighter planet, there is a harmonious core that will prompt you to practice empathy, especially when it comes to your romantic relationship.

Ultimately, there may be some distress caused by an innate restlessness, the cause of which you will not be very certain of. There will be a few days during the first week in which you will feel as if you are always on the go, always running to get to the next commitment.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun conjunct Mercury aspect debuting on the 8th will facilitate forward thinking and will promote innovation, thus releasing you from dogmatic thinking and previous worries of not being capable to attain certain levels.

Creative breakthroughs that may start during the first week of August will continue as the month progresses, especially under the Mercury square Jupiter aspect forming on the 11th. You appear to be very positive about what you can accomplish and will not really other with the small details.

However, there may be a risk that you throw yourself head first in an endeavour that is rather complicated and therefore will need to work a lot harder than expected to make it happen. You will however, enjoy the challenge and this will help you forget about other transient worries in your life.

Under this disposition your tendency is to only account for the bigger picture and whilst the vision is often compulsory to any big plan, you must not forget about the small parts either.

Your partner may be able to bring you with your feet on the ground but ultimately, it depends on you whether you choose to listen to them or not.


TOP TIP of the month: Be generous with your time, especially when it comes to small gestures of good will that don’t take much from you but can mean the world to the person you are trying to help.

Your analytical self

Some sort of family intervention around the 14th may have you question a previous decision and your tendency, given that won’t really be able to gather arguments to your satisfaction, will be to isolate yourself.

The word of caution here is to not let yourself overwhelmed by any negative comments. There isn’t such a big need for you to explain yourself to others and you should only choose to do it if you feel that this is bringing some sort of advantage to yourself.

On top of this, you must recognize that, perhaps due to the Mercury retrograde transit that only ends on the 18th, you may not be in your best shape, from a communications perspective anyways.


Enhance! The Jupiter trine Neptune aspect debuting on the 19th will encourage big dreams in yourself so don’t be afraid to set yourself on a road toimportant accomplishments, even on your own.

The Sun trine Saturn aspect occurring on the 23rd, quickly followed by the Sun trine Uranus on the 25th are likely to bring positive changes in your life and make you feel a lot calmer about any current hardship.

You will be a lot more open to embracing challenges and will stop questioning yourself that much. Under the support of Uranus, you will most likely break any complex task into more digestible pieces. This will help you especially with practical activities.

Some natives may go a bit out of control with this, and reach the conclusion that it is what surrounds them that limits them from achieving the greatest things they set out towards.

This might prompt them to adopt a rather offensive behaviour towards those dear to them and this might get on for a while before someone finally gathers the courage to confront them.

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