Scorpio August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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For Scorpions, August should be an exceptional month both professionally and personally. They need to learn new things and be very careful about what they are talking about and what they sign. They can move easily from one episode to another in their lives.

And as long as you will not be faced with any emotional challenges, be sure that you will be able to fully enjoy your time. Be careful how you organize yourself, however, because you might be inclined to plan for more than you can actually achieve.

Time will be your main enemy so unsurprisingly, you will be late to several meetings or even have to cancel some plans because you are feeling overwhelmed by how much you have on your plate.

Do not forget to relax and sleep enough. Otherwise, you may have some health problems.

Sentimental life is full of essence and you will be a lot more involved in family dynamics than you have been for a while now. You are also one for the truth, no matter how hurtful it may be, so you will likely trigger some very sincere and revealing discussions in the family.

August highlights

Scorpio natives need to clarify their chances in an enterprise associated with foreigners but no longer have any doubts about how to impose themselves.

You will have occasions to test and see who are your authentic friends, but you must be very careful about a decisive transformation from the social realm, one that could catch you with the open guard.

Some fighting over authority may be felt in the couple or between siblings, but nothing too serious, fortunately. You may also celebrate some family anniversary or similar and this will go surprisingly smoothly.

Beware of communication gaps at work and at home, especially around the 20th, when you will be more focused with practicalities and let some things be understood by themselves.

Towards the end of August, take better care of your consumption habits because you will be more inclined than usual towards excesses of all sorts and towards eating away your feelings.

Scorpio love horoscope for August 2019

This month, if you are single and looking for love, the chances of knowing someone are somewhat limited to the professional environment.

Some Scorpions make a goal to conquer an influential person or a person who they find to be professionally and financially accomplished.

Especially during the first two weeks of August, it is possible to be driven by romantic, unrealistic ideals and to create expectations that cannot be fulfilled.

Due to Uranus’ direct positioning on the 12th, it’s time to clarify some things and re-establish ground rules in the couple and in family life.

But there are Scorpions who, if they open their hearts and become more tolerant, can meet a lover who brings comfort and a sense of predestination.

Some lovers will enjoy a special charm, attract and conquer easily, whilst others not so much but might still be good at making an atmosphere, catching anyone in search of poetry or emotional intensity.

Beware, especially around the 23rd, of using your charm just to get rid of boredom and routine because this might lead to some feelings to be hurt. The stars are not going to be pleased with those who are playing with others emotions.

Career progress this month

There’s quite a lot of activity in your professional life this August and it seems like you will be very eager to put yourself out there, to make yourself remarked through all sort of activities.

Be careful about any long-term projects that are about to be brought to fruition because you might mess something up at the very last minute.

The New Moon right at the start of the month will bring further confidence in your life but will also heighten up your intuition. If something doesn’t look right, then it probably isn’t.

Everyone seems to be working easier and find more pleasure in what they do, but don’t let yourself fooled if you have been looking to change work for a while.

This is the time to action, not to become complacent. It’s a great time for professional development and for putting your commercial contacts to work for you.

Around the 20th, be kind and helpful at work because this will be a great time for you to strengthen your reputation.

Mars will help out by boosting your energy and you will get the ambition to mobilize yourself towards some plans you’ve been mulling on in the back of your mind for a while now.

Towards the end of August, it seems like the focus is falling on studies, professional collaborations and work travel. Use technology and the internet to make your voice heard if you feel you have something to say.

Health and wellbeing

Although this month is one of growth and evolution for you, stress, anxiety and mental disorders will accompany you all along. In your social life you can expect some good results, recognition and celebrations.

Family life is quiet and harmonious, and the causes of future conflicts are now easily disillusioned by calm and blatant discussions.

From a health point of view, this August, you enjoy an overwhelming vitality, and the body's strength is very good. You can have an energy surplus that you should use so why not hit the gym.

Towards the end of the month, you may, however, have anxiety or irritability, and you may have a tendency towards aggression, excesses or risk.

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