Scorpio December 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-11-22, 8422 views

Especially between December 5 and 30, while Venus goes through your sign, you have good chances to stir admiration and to attract people that could become assets to your projects. It’s a sort of magnetic power coming from your determination to connect at deep level for beneficial outcomes, irrespective of the field a certain connection might influence.

But the Scorpio December monthly horoscope also shows very tense aspects involving the area responsible for money. The first half of the month is the most troublesome in this regard. 

Purposeful planning

It’s time for new plans for gaining money, but the important thing here is to change the perspective on it. Maybe an old mentality made you put a wrong price on some things and you neglected realism and practical goals.

For instance, some Scorpio natives could discover the waste they made for the purpose of social importance. Now, you can change things, as I said, by relying on self-worth rather than on old beliefs taken up from others.

Further education, keeping to laws and ethics are a must when starting new plans on earning money. 

Scorpio to act socially realistic

A quite difficult planetary transit for you during December can be Mars through Libra as he tries to harmonize some of beliefs with keeping secrets in an important relationships or with keeping some relationship as secret. You might feel like depending on other people and this is the much more stressful as the opposition Mars is forming to Uranus – around December 11 – can bring sudden events threatening to compromise you.

Good aspects to occur at the end of the year between Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Capricorn, along with the full Moon in Cancer are bringing nice chances for your social life. All you need to do is to stick to a practical approach, based on realistic information and prudent projects. 

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