Scorpio December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3648 views

A lot of well-wisher type of people around you this December and you might be reluctant and at times outwardly not trusting them. And this is fine because it is how you are. The only word of caution is not to invest too much time in deciphering the intentions of others because you might be left with no time to follow your own.

You are quick to search for hidden meanings and a mystery will be just perfect this holiday season. But it seems that on this plan you don’t really get what you want and most of what you are going through will be quite straightforward.

Clarity also comes in some work matters and this might leave you more time to spend with your family, although some natives will still remain with their heads at work. Some will open new pages in their lives this month.

Worries of the times

You will be quite quick to draw conclusions during the first week and you will most likely always feel like you are on the run. It is great that you are productive and keeping busy but you don’t need to hurry others or get yourself into trouble.

Other than this, you might come across a situation, somewhat prompted by Venus, in which you not everything is what it seems and handling that will give you more than a head ache.

Some may be invited to a really important social event or something of similar relevance in their lives and this will create a whole new level of drama, beyond what to wear and how to be fashionably late.

What you get out of what you do

It seems that around the 15th, your family really manages to keep you in a good mood and some good times will follow as consequence to this.

Good things happen at home and everyone contributes which brings an advanced sense of justice to almost everyone.

Aside from this, very few complications will keep you thinking about work. Money will be enough for what you want to do at the moment but you might not want to stretch more than your blanket for the time being.

A good time for educational moments, not necessarily directed at yourself. Maybe you can make some sort of impact in the life of someone dear to you. Information you gain by doing this or perhaps experience, will also help you get out of a sensible situation later on.

Family affairs

The morale is a bit down around the 20th and you prefer to cheer yourself up by rekindling some habits you didn’t touch for a long time. And while you are in a nice world of yours, those around you will probably look baffled and not understand what is going on with you.

But this will benefit them as well because all your bad mood will be gone and it seems that this also helps you recharge your batteries. Shopping or traveling with your family won’t sound as bad, especially if it marks a pause from work.

Some new relationships will be favored and perhaps meeting the in-laws or other situations of this kind won’t be as awkward as they usual are. Try to make your significant other feel as comfortable as possible.

One step in doing that is recognizing the moments when they could be left outside a conversation or such and stepping in to ease that.

Temptations ahead

The holiday spirit is going to be quite contagious on you this year but you might be taking it in a slightly different direction, meaning that you will prefer to kind of impose what you think is right, on those dear to you.

Good intentions are not overrated and you still need to be careful with that because what you do can shift direction really quickly, most likely before you know it. Eat well but not plenty and get a good rest.

Some flirty opportunities will catch your attention and temptation will be quite high so be wary with whom you get involved or whom you start the New Year with.

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