Scorpio December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-11-27, 3731 views

Your intensity and passion are already ignited as this month debuts, by the transit of Mars and Venus through your sign, but what are you going to do about it? This month will feel like a heavy responsibility on you and as if everyone has some expectations from you.

Whether you need to respect your promises or take more responsibilities on board, there is no need to feel overwhelmed and remember that there will be enough time to play as well.

You have the chance to uplift the atmosphere in the family but you need to be open to doing this and not dwell in frustration and worries.

There will also be time to think about what you did well in the past year and what you want to do further and to remove yourself from any limiting thoughts in order to truly be at peace with yourself.

December highlights

During the first week of December you seem to be more inclined towards doing things your way, just to try something different and you will be quite stubborn, even when the obvious solution is right in front of you.

This may translate into some delays and complications but overall, some very wise experiences and hopefully, you will be able to learn something from them.

You will see beauty where there isn’t anything for others and will find yourself quite sensitive to others’ reactions, especially around the new Moon in Sagittarius, on the 7th.

The above is not to say that you are not going to show practicality and a great sense of purpose this month. On the contrary, you may even end up offering yourself to take some responsibilities you would otherwise run away from.

Mars Pluto sextile occurring on the 13th will bring you a boost of energy and inspiration but be mindful because you can’t really access it if your intentions are not the purest. Not to mention that you don’t really want to anger karma around the holidays.

Steady progress may take place in relation to something practical that you care very much about and this will give you a sense of stability and security.

The Mercury square Neptune aspect debuting on the 23rd may complicate things a little and might bring confusion in many aspects of your life. This is when you should be willing to give the ropes to a wise person from your entourage and accept advice from them.

Love life this month

Venus is really working hard on your seduction power and you are surely not complaining about it. Whether you are alone or in a relationship this December, nothing can stop you from being flirty and charming.

More affectionate than usual, you will be more prone to listening to your significant other and will even be rather objective in the opinions you are throwing out there.

You are also advised not to refuse any sort of collaboration activities with your loved ones as there are great chances for something very nice to come out of this.

During the second half of the month there will be a few auspicious times for restoring the peace in a relationship that may have been quite tense recently. Everyone will be feeling more loved and better understood.

Career aspects in December

You are going to use your resources wisely this month and will not be tempted into any wrong decisions or into taking any risks. You are also very selective with the information you are allowing to reach you and will remain focused on work up until the holidays.

Some well-meant changes will come your way and at first you might be a little reluctant about them but after a while you will embrace them. It is important to get out of some limiting thinking patterns and work more in collaboration.

You will be surprised by the great ideas you can come up with when working with others rather than on your own.

Health and wellbeing

It appears that the stars are promoting good health for you and putting several occasions for relaxation in your way. But of course, you are going to turn your head from some of these and prefer to worry about your decisions.

Hopefully, with the holidays fast approaching, you will manage to get in the mood and also slow down and relax more. Some natives may even seek occasions to educate themselves about the way their bodies function.

If you don’t try to embrace the changes in your life and continue to envelop yourself in frustration, there will be more physical symptoms to follow.

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