Scorpio December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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December’s first days are going to be mixed, as you will feel as if nothing is making any progress, yet the opposite thing is going to happen. Towards December 14th, there will be some important things being implemented.

In case there are no immediate results in the future being seen, the progress won’t be delayed still. The good momentum will be maintained, so it’s quite important that you’re being marked with the undertaking strength.

There will still be required some effort in the professional area, especially if you work in collaboration and you trust the people you’re working with. As a result of the most constructive exchanges and good communication, you will make progress.

The year will end in a positive note and mood, not to mention that you’re going to be ready for each and every event. While the family will be back to basics, the month will be lending itself, with you being in the presence of the people you love and can help you identify where your strength relies.

December 2022 Highlights

In case you’re not getting along, this might lead to having ambivalent feelings, a behavior that’s deranged, and others. Venus will have patience, liking the way you’re getting things done in a persuasive, charming, and sympathetic manner. On the other hand, Mars is energetic, brutal, and forceful, getting what it needs and wants.

These planets will send their impulses on you during the same periods of time, so you will have changes in your mood at different times. Nobody will be able to understand you and what you want. Not only you will be a mystery to others, but also to yourself.

You need to express what both planets are sending your way. Combine the sweetness of the planet Venus and its sympathy with Mars’ daring energy, as this dynamic of energies is going to be focused on others’ feelings.

Act with decisiveness and wait with patience, as it will be required. The attitude will moderate and modify. This is a month in which love will be rather physical, as the hormones will be altered, and you will express your feelings in a sexual manner.

Passion will meet new heights, so you will meet all sorts of new romantic feelings, as well as lower moments. Mars will test the relationship that already exists. There will be the desire and best ability of combining romance with work, and this will be manifested in a relationship at the office. The month will be good for your health.

The connection between your love life and your health will be stronger than ever, and when the romance will go well, then your health is going to be good as well. In case there’s no harmony in your relationship of love, then your health is going to suffer.

There’s some good news as well. This good news is that the cosmic aspects are very good, meaning that health will be good as well. In case there’s a health problem arising, the trend of the health will be good. When there’s a problem arising, you need to do your best to solve your romantic problem and go to a professional after.

You will be confused about finding work for the month. The opportunities will be all over the place and might arrive through a partner or a friend, but will the salary be okay. You are the only one who will decide your salary. In case you happen to no longer have work, you might decide to go for a temp job.

Your money planet Jupiter is going to influence you but not as expected. The revenue will still be strong, yet some new delays are going to be introduced as well. Have a closer look at the investments and purchases you’re making. The month is perfect for sensuality, financial growth, as well as traveling and satisfying intellectual interests.

Scorpio Love Horoscope for December

Until the 16th, you will have your love life slowing down. After, things are going to be faster, meaning that keeping up will be on the list. An everyday life that’s sometimes difficult might lead to novelties unfolding.

The sector of love is going to be rich and the period beneficial, meaning that feelings are going to grow, whereas projects will continue to be put into practice. You will approach the month with a desire to escape the daily life.

In the relationship, there will be a need for tenderness. You won’t have a problem to fulfil your partner’s wishes and the other way around. In case the period has been difficult, then it will end, turning the atmosphere into something sweet. The partner will be receptive.

There will be good vibes protecting the relationship. You are quite strong in love, seeming that this is the December in which you’re having quite the fun. Passion will have your feelings growing and you will be turned on. To have the person you want by your side, you must be firm on your own two feet.

Under Venus’s influence and its positive influence, Scorpio natives are going to be able to eliminate the old differences that they have had when trying to understand their partner. Lovers and couples who are married will be having plenty of fun id they’re not trying to be imposing.

Their days will be filled with harmony and their intimate moments intense. Scorpios who are single will display their seduction capacities, with their conquests flowing as if there’s magic. They will enjoy either serious courtships or adventures that are temporary, but at least intensely.

On the 7th, Palas is going to arrive at the 4th House of the Scorpio so that you’re accompanied when it comes to the way you’re organizing your activities for Christmas. These activities will be meetings and shopping.

The 4th House configuration is speaking about how the native is being responsible when it comes to building his or her own safe space, family commitment, and the way elders of the clan are being approached. There’s also personal expansion via understanding past events.

Single Libras will go through a more hectic time period, as Venus is going to arrive in the 3rd House of the Scorpio on the 15th. This will send to the flirting tendency, as well as the tendency to fleet relationships. There will also be the tendency to attract mysterious people. Pay attention and keep in mind that Neptune while favoring creativity, will as well fuel the idealizations of romance, but this has nothing to do with reality.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Scorpio workers are going to progress, but only if they are calm and try as much as possible to stay away from discussions that aren’t serious. This way, they will achieve their material and labor goals.

Being responsible and applying the best judgment, their will have their bosses rewarding them, not to mention they will receive economic favors. Those who are self-employed, especially starting with the 8th, will face a period that’s brilliant when it comes to making their activities more prosperous, and especially those activities that are commercial in nature.

Money will be flowing without any effort, whereas the purchasing power is going to dramatically increase. There will be success on all levels. It would be a good idea to have business opportunities analyzed.

Having said that, Venus is indicating that you pay attention to the real estate market possibilities, transactions of foreign currency, antiques, certificates, investment funds, as well as the transaction of art objects. At work, will be a strong line-up for people promoting work projects by using their own resources.

For the month of December, there will also be another astrological aspect that’s relevant that involves having increased confidence when it comes to processes of production and how much interacting with colleagues matters.

Your Wellbeing This Month

You will have the tendency to be withdrawn and resentful, so each and every obstacle you will have to pass might affect you in a negative manner. You will have sensitive areas suffering from somatizations. These sensitive areas will be the ears, the throat, and even the genitals.

The advice here is to do either gymnastics or some sorts of exercises, any activity that’s related to your sign. Indulging in pleasures, no matter how innocent these might seem, is not allowed. Meditate and work with the lesson that the planet Saturn has taught you at the unconscious level.

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