Scorpio February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 2872 views

A curious month with situations that are blatantly clear and others who will take you a while to figure out. With new people in your life with potential to impact on you and maybe the in and out of closer people with whom you find to be in sensible relations.

February is set to be a challenging month, with no major accomplishments but with a lot of confusion that you will have to navigate. 

Taking measures

Around the 7th you might be forced to take matters into your hands in respect to some practicality at home and either fix it yourself or call someone to do it for you.

Interestingly enough you might also feel guilty about postponing the resolution in this matter and maybe this is why things have aggravated.

At the same time, it might not even be your idea to take measures but more like someone in your family demanding you to.

Having everything settled eventually will offer you a sense of safety and certitude and eventually you will forget about all the trouble. This new relief will probably offer you time to spend with your loved one and a better disposition.

Sudden changes

Venus does play it so you are more sensible and loving but it is up to you to what extend you can forget about all your worries and just enjoy your time.

Too much lovingness however might also lead to discussions on different themes and some opposing points. You might be surprised to discover what someone close actually thinks about one of your recent choices and it will be quite difficult to stay calm about it.

If I were you, around the 11th I would make sure I have all work submitted by the deadline and there is nothing pending as there might be some sudden changes announcing to threat the usual office routine.

Maybe some short distance travel and whether or not you are working in a sales related domain, you might have to engage with other people and be all convincing.

Underline the assets

Highlighting your social skills will either give you a sense of accomplishment or will deepen those feelings of depression you might have been basking in lately. Don’t be too critical on yourself, especially if you don’t seem to be on the same track with everyone.

Mars makes you quite practical and money concerned and not everyone is prepared to keep up with you or to take matters as seriously as you do.

Continuing in the same note you might have a hard time at work with your colleagues as well because your sense of initiative is starting to bother people and they will probably try to slow you down.

A good time for research and study as well so perhaps you can avoid them by spending time in the archives or devising a new plan all by yourself.

Towards the end of the month the circle of people you are spending time into will slightly change and you will have the opportunity to learn something new and to evolve in their presence.

Don’t be reticent when it comes to putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes but maybe refrain from talking too much about your own experiences. A good time for listening and for internal reflection.

Friendship at last

Amongst the changes to take your life a little by storm there might be something that has to do with a location, maybe where you work or who knows, you might finally move house. In any way, at first you won’t really know how to react to this and there might be someone close to you to support you and to cheer you up.

Even if you might consider them crazy or unrealistic, let them go about because eventually you will understand that they also have their reasons to be like this. No one demanded of you to be too optimistic but there is no need to nit pick either.

Mars might also suggest some sort of coming back to the roots and reconnecting with someone from the past, a friendship relationship you have neglected.

Single natives on the other hand will have a hard time finding common ground with anyone they just met so quite a solitary month for them in this respect. It is important to count on strong friendships and to rekindle them in case fate offers the occasion.

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