Scorpio February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 4090 views

No matter from what direction you look at it, this February will be a month of choices and dwelling between extremes. And things are not even half as dramatic as you imagine them to be.

Work occupies most of the time and then you end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself in regard to small choices, such as what to do for dinner or which is the best relaxation method.

And to increase the complications, you will tend to be quite secretive about what you are doing, even for no apparent reason. Well, you can imagine how this will go down with your family, and especially with your partner.

It may be that you are suggesting a surprise and even if you are not, you better be warned that they are expecting something.

Being efficient

During the first week of the month you will discover new means to get yourself ready faster but this will only streamline your free time, not your desire to work.

But you need not forget that everyone needs some pampering from time to time and many people find it in the little moments they have in the morning.

So beware of being too efficient, especially for no particular reason and of eliminating the habits that are helping you get a breath of fresh air. Meditation may not be your thing but even that stream of thoughts and the questions you are putting yourself can count as getting in touch with yourself.

Some information you are receiving during the first weekend will make you be more serious with some members of your family.

Hard time reacting, hard time not reacting

Something you do, or most likely, something you say is not going to end up being appreciated by your superiors so you need to be careful with any situations that might raise an eyebrow. And it doesn’t even have to be something disrespectful.

Mars is not really helping you to make yourself understood. At the same time, a colleague might be keeping a close eye on you and might gossip about what you are doing.

This said, a situation of which you are trying to make the best of might transform in a disaster straight away.

The above shouldn’t however put you off any attempts at doing stuff that doesn’t necessarily play by the books. You might have to fight the tendency of going in exactly the opposite direction.

And talking about the opposite, you know how they say that these attract, well, you might discover something very exciting about this around the 10th.

Dwelling between extremes

The second half of the month will come with new questions and dilemmas that no one seems to be able to answer. And don’t imagine this is something provoked because this is not the case.

One moment you are full of optimism and minding your own stuff and the second, all sorts of thoughts are coming in and feel like there is need to make a decision on the spot.

You might be concerned about the far future but this shouldn’t prevent you from dealing with tasks that can influence the short term.

The word of advice, beyond all of the above, is to not postpone any meetings or any search that can clarify some of the haze in your mind. You tend to be worried but prefer not to act upon those thoughts, even when the situation seems to open some kind of gate to a revelation.

A breakthrough

Although during the month you might feel as if you are on your own and no one really gets you, as we are approaching the end of February, you might start realizing that you have grossly underestimated those around you.

Nothing special will happen, nothing to prove you that someone is actively thinking about you or trying to understand what you are going through but there will be some good vibes around. These might even help you surpass those thoughts and just let some things be.

A lucky day, the 28th, for some natives who might get the chance to travel or at least change the scenery for a couple of hours.

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