Scorpio February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9054 views

With that many astrological aspects as this February, no wonder you will experience numerous sets of emotions and influences, most of them, however, taking you to a better point in knowing yourself.

So now that it is out there in the open that it will all be worth it, shall we turn our attention to the types of creative choices you will need to make and to the difficult but respect bringing tasks you will need to fulfil at work.

Matters of loose morals are surfacing around the 4th of the month with the Venus square Jupiter transit.

You may be seeking to escape responsibilities, at least on the surface, and to make your life appear very attractive and social to everyone else.

Deep inside, you may be channeling deeper connections and may be trying to make things right but this enters in contradiction with what you are showing on the outside.

All you need is love…

When Venus arrives in Pisces, as will be the case on the 11th, you will need to be ready to learn, once for all, that there is no stronger power than that of love.

You will be required to interpret deep messages of longing and will have to find ways to bring meaning in the life of someone very close.

There may not be a romantic substrate to all of this, but rather a lesson that you need to show interest to a great diversity of people, not only when you have a romantic interest.

You may also feel slightly overwhelmed when actually discovering the needs of those around but with a little trust in yourself, and taking it step by step, you can actually bring relevant change.

A time of change

Right from the 15th, with the new Moon in Aquarius, your attention will be driven towards providing advice and support to others. You will feel generous and less of an imposter, especially in your profession.

You will also be hasty, in need to get as many things done as possible. You will want to replace old patterns of thinking with new ideas but this will prove an arduous job, only for the ones who are truly motivated.

During this time, words are infused with vital energy and you should be very careful to what you are committing. Don’t even dare to promise something just to make a good impression, knowing you are going to produce an excuse later.

Deceit attempts and irresponsible behavior are going to be penalized through stress and unnecessary worry and things will stagnate should you choose this path.

Looking for the spotlight

During Mars square Neptune, you may want to be wary of offers that appear too good to be true, even though these may be coming from friends you trust. After the 17th, you may find that what your heart is craving doesn’t necessarily have a shape in reality and you will be at risk to let your imagination get the better of you.

You will exhibit some great story telling talents this month and will obviously feel the need to be praised for this. Depending on your circle of friends and their taste, people are going to be more or less impressionable.

The trick is that you shouldn’t take this personally and definitely not imagine things beyond the scope of what you did. Also, perhaps it is more mature to do things because you enjoy them, not because you are expecting social validation for them.

Going to the core

When Venus is squaring Mars, as is the case during the last days of February, you may want to adjust your spending habits and the way you view the practical aspects of your relationship.

This is not only about who pays for social outings or for most bills, it’s about the foundations on which you are trying to build something together. In some cases, it may bring resentment feelings from past situations.

It seems that receptivity and compassion will be your go to weapons in trying to decompress from work issues and although the latter may appear as counterproductive, in practice it will make sense.

Dealing with the problems of others helps you take your mind off your own and, in the back of it, also helps you enjoy the simply perks of life.

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