Scorpio February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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February is going to be the type of month that you want it to be. If your outlook is a pessimistic one, then do expect some negative events, if you are too positive, then you will also find that your unrealism is more damaging than helping.

Then how should you be? you are probably wondering. Well, keep an open mind, be careful about how your action impact others but don’t worry more than you should.

Also, be friendly and don’t avoid occasions to socialize with others. Life is all about learning and you can learn in so many ways, not only in formal settings like school.

If you let go of some aspects of your life in which your thinking is rather fixed, you may discover some hidden nuances that might prompt you to enjoy life more.

Keep in mind the following

The first half of the month may be a very dynamic period conducive to changes in your occupations, activities and daily relationships, whether at home and within the family, or out there, to your social life.

With Venus in your third house you will be willing to investigate things around you and will pay greater attention to the reactions of those around. From these clues that you are noticing now you may be able to extract some very useful information.

Around the middle of the month, the Sun and Mercury in your fourth house will invigorate affairs at home and relationships with your family and local community.

This passage of the Sun is a good time to make decisions and plan home affairs. Mercury is propitious to update papers and issues related to your home as well and you might be more interested than usual to promote someone’s activities.

Be careful towards the end of month not to get into any issues with other people and not to offend with your words of actions. You may not do it on purpose, most likely out of sheer negligence but you can never be sure how these things are interpreted.

Scorpio love horoscope for February

If you have difficulties communicating with your loved ones, you can count on the support of Venus from the 3rd onwards so that your messages are transmitted without problems.

You may feel a little more emotional than usual but this is not necessarily something you should be hiding from those dear.

You can even be more charming and seductive, no matter how unlikely this may seem to you, by showing some of your weaknesses.

Some natives may be pushed into a relationship by their families or someone close and this pressure might continue throughout the month.

Well, it is up to them whether they wish to live their lives as dictated by others or if they are brave enough to embrace their choices.

Around the 17th, you might end up in a rather tricky situation and may require your friend’s help. Perhaps you have said a little bit too much and don’t know how to repair that. This is even more likely to happen when trying to impress someone you really like.

In case of any conflict, natives who are in a couple need to understand that they are not really in the position to make concessions. The advice for them is to lower the tone and calm themselves and not let their nerves get the best of them.

Single natives obviously have it easier with regards to missing out on any conflicts but the tensions in their lives, especially during the second half of the month, may be linked to their exaggerated expectations.

Also, in their case, some obstacles may become apparent if they allow their love life to prevail their professional life at certain moments when this is totally unrequired.

Money and career highlights

It’s going to be all about fancy meeting and influential people this month as it seems that most Scorpios are going to be very busy trying to make the best impression.

There is a lot of ambition in the air and the stars seem to love seeing this because it seems that appropriate opportunities are also coming your way, especially during the second half of February.

This means that you should use the first half to up your game and get ready for when it’s time to action. Be harsh about yourself and the kind of personal development needs that you have.

Some natives may also find it useful to discuss with someone older and wiser and will be surprised with the kind of insight they might be getting.

Also, it seems that work will seem rather competitive as everyone is trying to catch up, perhaps after panicking that January is already gone and there are only 11 more months to accomplish what they had planned.

So do expect a bit of a rat race feeling, even in places that would otherwise be a lot quieter.

Despite all the outside noise, the lesson of the month prompts you to focus on giving the best of yourself and keep learning. Don’t underestimate the power of new information, even in areas of your life where you feel like you know everything.

Your health this February

Your nervous system is the only one that might act up and might trigger some pains and aches and even a feeling of unease this month. So you are likely to complain of a generalized poor health but now really understand how your symptoms are connected.

Scorpios appear to be rather sensitive this month and will internalize a lot of the agitation around them. Every time something frustrates or irritates them it will go straight to the core.

This might explain a recurring belly ache or neck strain. Some natives may require professional help but others will do with just a bit of fresh air, perhaps a walk in the park and some distancing from other people’s problems.

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