Scorpio February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The changes at home could be quite important this month, although loving times with your partner will give you a certain balance. Lots of back-and-forth communications connected to the line of work might be present, and differences of opinion could lead to bottleneck in you.

Trying to resolve the differences will be the healthiest course. Surprising news should be expected by mid-month, and your intuition should be paid in making decisions.

Communication with a private source could be of great help. Avoid frustrations that might be reflected at home in a negative way.

February highlights

In February, the horoscope advises Scorpios to handle those around with care and attention. Especially when it comes to career. The joy of your success will not be so great if you brought down someone else to get here. You will have a lot of energy in February, so you can spend your free time playing sports and becoming stronger.

At the beginning of the month a feeling of loneliness haunts you. Do you not feel the warmth and affection that you expect from the person next to you and you wonder why? The answer to this question is not too much to look for, it simply is so, and sometimes periods like this can give you a little inner respite, to listen to your heart.

Maybe it's a moment of self-research that brings more to the meditation or the consultation of consciousness. Also, now you have the chance to get rid of the worries and the constant buzz of daily activities.

The atmosphere is not too optimistic at work either, although you do your duty and make sure nothing is left unfulfilled, you do not have too much understanding. A different kind of communication is expected from you, maybe some words are misunderstood and confusing.

If you have something to say, you need to start choosing your words so that they are not misunderstood and do not give rise to discussions. Your point of view is important but be careful how you express it so that it is not misinterpreted.

When you manage to abstain, to shut up when others are shouting loudly, you will discover that you are no longer the black sheep or the mouthpiece of group discontent.

It would be good to think that others have their justice, even if you do not approve it, and that as a result you will prove what you initially wanted to support.

Scorpio love horoscope for February 2020

The couple's life is announced to be intense in February. During this period you would do well to resist the temptation to blindly throw yourself into loving relationships at work and not be influenced by the prejudices dictated by the environment in which you work and live, prejudices that can affect your sentimental choices.

If you are already married, this month your life partner might try to set new responsibilities or assign you new tasks, which gets you irritated, towards the end of the month. Or, it simply gets too much involved in your business, with good intentions to help you. Try not to lose your temper!

The love life of the Scorpions is announced as intense in February 2020, and after the 17th there may be moments of confusion, due to Mercury's retrograde transit through your fifth house, that of love and flirt.

If you have a message to send to your loved one or if you want to approach a person you like or make a declaration of love, you take advantage of the favorable transits of the first week of February. After that, things tend to get more complicated and tense.

You might rotate in the same circles, with the same people and the same habits, which has only created disappointments for you. It's time to broaden your horizons and look for something more than usual, if you want a long-term relationship.

Also, there may be a tendency to turn sexuality into a kind of sport, to let yourself be carried on adventures that you would like to spend a night with, but which can complicate and do you much harm.

Professional life and money

Throughout this month you seem distracted and you cannot focus on much, so you better seek refuge in your fantasies and dreams. Whilst on other occasions this could be the worst advice, currently, this is actually the pathway to good inspiration.

During the second week you are not thinking much about work and it is recommended to postpone important decisions.

Be a team player, especially when it comes to your career. You will need a lot of energy in February, so reserve time to play sports and improve your overall condition.

As for the money, savvy Scorpios will have to analyze joint loans and investments and plan their payments judiciously, especially if they have debts that they need to cover. Not a good time for impromptu shopping sprees.

Health and wellbeing

An older health problem can be reactivated around the third week of February, but because you are very well mentally, you can easily find it the resources needed to overcome this situation well.

It would be the right time to invest in your health and call on recognized specialists, others than those you’ve met before. To heal, it takes a new approach, a new, holistic view on your issues.

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