Scorpio January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2461 views

There will be a lot of first steps this January and it’s not only the impulse of the new year speaking here. You are prone to changes and to testing a lot of alternatives before you decide on something.

You dwell between being bold and running for your life. At one point you can move the mountains and then at another you are trying to hide yourself under a blanket.

Expect tension and heated arguments but they will all be part of the price you pay for all the changes and excitement you are trying to bring into your life.

What do you long for

Venus of course will want your entire mind to think about love and to guard your couple if you have one or seriously think of building one in case you are following a romantic interested.

And why lie, even if you are single and totally unwilling to throw an eye towards love, Venus will still want to play with your emotions, just to show you what it could be and what you are missing out on.

She might give you some pocket money by chance but won’t help you keep them or multiply them because they seem to be just spend money and their sole meaning is to bring temporary satisfaction.

Temper your impulses

Impulsivity will be very hard to control and to some point, you don’t necessarily have to. It is part of your charm and let’s face it, some good stories came out of your wish to live hard.

But this January it seems that this impulsivity and rush moves towards an aggressive behavior and you are quick to snap whenever something doesn’t go as you wish it would.

This will get you in trouble easily and will have some long lasting consequences so try to think of the moments and triggers that anger you and avoid them for everyone’s sake.

Start by thinking how you react when working under pressure and when others are openly criticizing something you did.

What makes you tick

You seem to be channeling your efforts in one direction only at work from the 5th towards the 20th and although it does make you productive and you might even receive some sort of laudation for your perseverance, it also makes you prone to big failure in case things don’t work out.

And if that happens, it will take you a lot to get back on your feet so I’d say the risk outweighs the benefit. Don’t forget about deadlines because you might have this tendency to overlook them.

Mercury retrograde is giving you a warning as well and I would politely advice to have everything in writing and to leave as little space for interpretation as possible. Not every talk is a legal enforceable contract but I can tell you will sleep better at night if you treat them like one.

Around the 15th you need to discipline your thoughts and be rather practical because there might be some errands to run and some things you need to do at home.

Whether or not you are the first person in charge with them you will still need to take responsibility and chip in from your time and money for that objective.

Keeping things under control might allow you to come up with some improvements to the original plan and actually give you a thinking exercise so you’ll see that not all is chores and no fun.

Learn your lesson

The 20th will also mark some sort of emotional deadline you might put for yourself in order to sort some things out and decide what you want to do next.

Maybe some sort of dual partnership is announced, like going into business with your life partner or opening a family business. You are trying more to find arguments against it just to be on the safe side and this is quite a maturity sign from yourself.

If you need to present your idea to an investor of some kind, the advice is to try and speak the same language with them because you will tend to speak more from heart and maybe you will not win the same respect because of this.

In case anything involving travel shows up you need to take the chance as soon as possible as it will function like a clarifying machine for all your thoughts and although you might risk some discussions in the family, take this chance and you’ll think about what you tell them when you come back.

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