Scorpio January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4214 views

An intense beginning of the year that will take you by surprise in some regards. You will be forced to push your limits and at times you won’t know how to react. And if this doesn’t sound like a challenge, then I don’t know what is.

Some may take relationships to another level but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be reasons to rejoice. The first month is always a time of change and you will feel these impulses in yourself to do something about the things you are not happy with.

Following your own dreams will be just as important as mundane activities so you will probably dedicate a little bit more time to meditating and coming in contact with your desires.


You might want to start the first week by taking a well-deserved break and by looking at what you want to accomplish, if you jump straight into work, you might be surprised by the little you can accomplish. It seems that this is more about planning and less about execution.

There may be some exterior pressure as well, perhaps the need to raise to certain standards, or at least what you think others are demanding of you. Perhaps it is time to understand that you are the only one setting obstacles.

Despite all this, some natives are quite at peace with themselves, perhaps because they occupy their time with activities that not only keep them busy but also keep them motivated. Care for yourself will also be a priority at this point.

House focused

Those who are a little bit more oriented towards spending time with others will see this as an opportunity to mingle. Around the 10th you might get the chance someone who will play an important role in your life.

Other than this, a sum of money you have been waiting for will prove very useful. And in case it comes too late to serve the purpose it initially had, you will probably use it for something around the house.

Needless to say that if this is something you and your partner are both interested in, you need to ask for their opinion as well. Don’t be impulsive or try to monopolize the whole thing because you will be blamed for this.

Starting all over

A promising new start might show up for some natives around the 16th, with the stars promoting self-development or even going back to education. Whatever happens, it will surely bring a big smile on your face.

You might be in this for the long run and perhaps someone else in the family is involved, even if only for supporting you.

The best word of advice for you in this situation is to be careful to what you are saying and to how you portray yourself, especially in a new community because people will be quick to draw conclusions.

Not to mention if you haven’t switched places in a long time and don’t remember how it is to be the new person around.

Beware of promises, and not only those you have made. Try not to create false hopes in any direction during this month. Not that any other time, would be fair to do so, but especially at this point.

Working differently

You seem to be very efficient at work after the 23rd, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy with what is going on. The stars are trying to get doubt into your head and partially they will succeed.

Indeed, you are trying to navigate between sets of rules and your personal limitations and malevolent opinions are not serving anyone.

Parts of this will also depend on how you look to the problem and whether you are of a flight or fight type. You are quick to defend your work when you feel confident enough and you should do this a lot more often.

Some money issues, perhaps appearing because of some debt you have accumulated, are going to see you in for some extra hours.

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