Scorpio January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Let’s put it bluntly: In January, Scorpios must speed up the pace. You most certainly will not lack motivation and you will reach your goals if you persevere. Don’t forget about your family ad perhaps some promises you have made.

Everything rests on your adaptive abilities. If you insist, you will avoid problems, if you give empathy test and loose the load, your relationships will be lighter, easier and more durable!

A special aspect of the month for you is the Sun Pluto conjunction taking place around the 11th of January. This is an aspect that will enhance confidence and might produce some important changes. It is important to prepare yourself for any kind of revelation that this controversial aspect can bring.

Important to note

Everything is going quite well during the first three weeks of the year: the Moon and Venus in your sign give you incredible charisma for a few days, it's time to cast your hook and catch a good fish!

During this time, Mercury and the Sun pass by the sign of Capricorn that couples all your long-term advantages, offering you beautiful experiences.

But be mindful as, towards the end of the month, some disturbing aspects may surface, and you might be faced with a rather authoritarian climate.

Needless to say, that you will not be happy with this, so tensions threaten to multiply if you don’t temper yourself. However, the stars may throw some kind of financial gain in this mix, to keep you at least slightly content.

Scorpio love horoscope for January

This month is going to associated with fires of passion that will easily wind off and leave place to more structured and above all ambitious relationships. You aspire to great feelings but you must fight a tendency to exclusivity, to suspicion. This January should encourage more openness.

In love affairs you have noticed that energy chute, and perhaps more than that, you have noticed the person with whom you have a relationship, and of course a sexual relationship.

After a stage of extreme romanticism and living in the honeys of your relationship, you have to go down a bit from the cloud. It does not mean that there are going to be discussions, but there are going to be two variables that are going to cause the month of January to not be so absolutely perfect.

If you are in a couple, the practical dispositions take little by little the step towards the feelings and you will extend your point of view, so that it evolves in common agreement with that of your partner.

The important thing is that both of you sit down to talk and clarify what it is that bothers you and what you expect from each other. A little communication can resolve a very silly and very minor conflict that if left unresolved can lead to something more serious.

As the month progresses we are looking at less torrid moments and more constructive actions, while you are in unison with your loved one, you can do great practical things!

If you are single, your advantages of seduction are nuanced throughout the month with dynamism, optimism and goodwill.

Your charisma is less scary, more spontaneous and could allow you unexpected encounters, especially towards the end of the month. Get ready for original experiences!

Money and career at the start of the year

With regards to your professional career this month, you have worked hard and hard and you will continue to do so in 2019, although perhaps due to the decrease in energy and the return after the holidays you will start to value other life options.

You have been very comfortable very comfortable for quite some time, but you start to think that you are accommodating too precisely and that you need new challenges and an injection of hope, and why not say it, a good salary increase.

Value ​​very well the pros and cons of making such a risky decision and do not let yourself be taken to the first exchange. Study the market very well and think with your head and then with your heart as well.

In money you may get some issues that fortunately is not going to imply that you end up in absolute bankruptcy. This may happen because you have not moderated spending in the final stretch of 2018, you were too energetic or energetic and with a desire to live at the top and enjoy all the pleasures that you had around you and beyond.

You did not think that the money comes in and goes out with great ease, especially in the case of the exit. It is not that the stars say that you are a wasteful, but the advice they give you is that you forget to take the credit card to walks with you for a while and of course you do not even think about going to the stores to see what's on sale.

Your health this January

The first days of January are going to be equally extraordinary as the last of 2018, from the perspective of health, however once the Christmas is over and the month of January begins to decline, it is possible that those of the Scorpio sign are not already so well so far.

When you are so full, you feel that you are something like invincible, how nothing bad could happen to you, at least when it comes to talking about health.

The fact is that you are not that invincible, and what happens is that if you believe the king or queen of the world, you may fall to the ground from very high, and of course, the fall hurts more.

Any of your previous excesses may risk surfacing and you are not going to be happy with the consequences.

Stopping on time and adopting some healthy attitudes can be a victory and if you have to cancel plans, rest more and dedicate more to yourself, do not hesitate to do so.

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