Scorpio January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In January, the Scorpions have to hurry up. According to the horoscope, you will not lack motivation and you will reach your goal if you persevere.

Don't forget about your family and close friends, give them the time and attention they deserve and this will return to you too.

You receive good news financially, and this allows you to materialize your long-standing desires. In addition, you begin to allow yourself to dream with your eyes open and you begin to have more and more self-confidence.

This new attitude that you have determines you to start a series of projects that you have postponed previously or were too afraid to start.

January highlights

At the start of January you seem to be in a good and communicative mood but this also means that you focus less on the serious aspects in your life and will tend to spend more money than you should.

The second week of the month will be great for negotiations of all sorts and you will use all your influence and energy to make things happen. It is possible to conclude an agreement or have a negotiation that ends in your favor.

Single natives have greater chances to impress those they come in contact with but will need to look very carefully into the personalities of those they meet, not to get too connected to the wrong kind of person.

Conflicts about domestic matters could arise during the second half of the month a lot easier than usual as it seems like everyone is behaving like their patience is on edge.

Around the 27th you should pay better attention to your finances and try to limit your shopping impulses.

There is a chance that your partner may have something to reproach you about how you understand to manage your money. However, try to make some changes to this plan and your budget will recover soon.

Scorpio love horoscope for January 2020

Everything in love is movement, transfer of energies. So it is up to you to decide whether these are positive or negative. You can dwell in confusion, frustration, jealousy or possessiveness or you can be open to new, loving and understanding.

Don’t expect immense passion in love this month because it will not be the case. Your feelings will be more settled, deeper and with more weight than just simple lust expression.

To understand what Scorpios are going through: they have the Moon in conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces, in the 5th house - the realm of passion! So shame, intuition, abandonment will be the first impulses to fight.

The third week of January can overwhelm the native Scorpio by reminding him or her of a past love. The feelings are so deep that it may be a memory of a love from another life.

Another part of you idealizes in love. Do you want something that does not exist or what does not exist because, emotionally, you do not see anything as it actually is.

Professional life this month

Saturn, the eternal and invaluable Saturn, extends a helping hand and makes a sextile with the Moon-Neptune conjunction, creating a framework, a solid structure on which you, as a Scorpio, can rely.

It's like walking on a very narrow bridge, but you still have something to help you keep your balance.

Saturn is in the field of communication and reason. What does this thing mean? It means that you must pay attention to what you say, that you have help, and especially, have the ability to use reason, which is very clear, as a key to control.

Are you attentive enough to everyone around? Make sure you are open emotionally and mentally to receive the messages others have to give you and that you are calm and relaxed, so you understand their real meaning.

You will want to be fast "like the wind and like the thought" and you will not be waiting for others, thus having no regrets if needing to leave people behind.

During the second half of January, travel, transactions and other plans should stay small, simple and attainable. You are surrounded by people who are able to help so feel free to delegate to them.

The stars are advising you to use your intuition in seizing the right choices for you. And if there is something you have plenty of, then that is intuition for sure.

Health and wellbeing

From a health point of view, Scorpios might face some muscle or joint problems, especially in the areas of their knees. Some light exercise and walking about could help ease the discomfort.

Don’t hide your pain from those around because someone older and wiser could come with some very interesting solutions for you.

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