Scorpio July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 4265 views

The first week might bring challenges that have to do with your personal development, perhaps because you trust your instincts too much and prefer to live in your own bubble and think you are better than everyone else. And imagine what happens when your bubble is burst even by the most insignificant of failures.

You are tested and you need to get back with your feet on the ground. For some natives this might even carry a higher stake, perhaps a new job or a promotion at the current one while other natives should be concerned by this because it influences the relationship they have with those around.

There may be other moments of tension, especially because of the pessimistic way you meet any change in your life. You are the only one to bring this upon you. Don’t expect your partner to sooth you because they might be already saturated with these moments.

Some recognition

The more you stress, the more pain and discomfort you will be feeling here and there. And the worst part is that these are not repeated in frequency or importance so you can’t really make a big fuss out of this without being blamed that you are playing the victim.

If you manage to leave those thoughts aside, this is also a good time for all kinds of plans and perhaps you can line things for that holiday once for all. Some natives are receiving professional recognition and some ideas of work.

Around the 11th, a turn of events at work might see you in charge of some kind of project you would have thought is way too complicated for you. While at first you will meet this with pessimism and fear, as the days go by and things settle, you kind of realize there is no reason why you can’t do it.

There is a high stake to this as well because if you get it done by the deadline, you might have the chance to impose your own ideas and discuss with your superiors from a different level.

What you need

The middle of the month brings a lot of stubbornness in the game, this time you being the recipient of it. Maybe this will teach you a thing or two about your own behavior during these situations.

Mars moving direct in your sign also means that you are quick to leave any discussions aside and enjoy some romantic time with your partner.

You are craving for spirituality and passion and would do anything to see these two mixed. And since we are here, don’t forget that Venus is prompting you in similar directions. Perhaps just toning things a bit and making you question whether your partner has real feelings for you or this is just a matter of lust.

Keep going

Around the 20th, some extra source of income will brighten your day and given the current disposition you don’t seem to be pressured to put it aside. This doesn’t mean that you can spend it all either but let’s say that there is room for you to indulge for a bit.

You are on an ascending path during July in this respect if you persevere so don’t take this as a one off chance.

Perhaps you can try doing that extra job again or maybe set some kind of business starting from there. Don’t imagine you need too many resources for this. Just start small and see where it takes you.

The tables seem to turn during the last week of the month, either because you want some free days or because you actually did something wrong. The situation becomes a lot tenser at work and you might find that some people have started talking behind your back.

Some degree of involvement

As the month comes to an end, the accent also falls on what you do yourself and what others expect from you. There might be some house chores you can’t escape anymore.

The word of advice is to take everything one step at a time. The more involved you become, the more overwhelmed you will feel and end up not accomplishing too much.

There might be a tendency towards aggressiveness, especially if you are not left to your own devices and if people keep interfering. And since we are talking about family affairs, be sure that they will find a way or another to do so.

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