Scorpio July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3637 views

This is going to be quite an easy July in terms of what happens to you but this doesn’t mean that you can already picture yourself laying around because this is not the case. Your role this month is to support those dear to you and to put your free time and resources to good use.

And it seems that this is going to be an ongoing job as you might feel that once you have someone’s problem sorted, something else comes up and so on.

You will be required a lot of diplomacy and confidentiality and you will have to understand that the people you help may be trusting you with precious information. This month offers you a great occasion to show just how loyal you are.

Whilst at the moment there is nothing you can win out of this, in the near future, you might be surprised to find out that what you did was actually more than worth it, in regard to various aspects of your life.

Home activities

The first week of July is not the best time to make any important acquisitions, especially at home. Perhaps you have to wait a bit for things to cool down and do better research. A similar warning has to do with borrowing money from others, especially if this is not for you.

This is not the time to go beyond your means and if you can’t figure it out by yourself, it seems that your partner will. They will play an important role in tempering your impulses and making sure you stay on the path you’ve both agreed.

After the 5th, you will crave to spend more time at home with your partner and this might lead to some nice moments together. However, sometimes enough is enough and some discussions may arise, perhaps simply out of boredom. Therefore, the key is to keep things balanced.

Doing the right thing

Coming back to the activities that have to do with helping others, the main point for you to respect is to be objective and not get your emotions involved, for as long as you can. Not only this will protect yourself but it will also ensure that you are actually coming up with good solutions.

There is a bit of a risk of domestic incidents around the 14th, so be careful what you are operating and perhaps avoid staying in the kitchen altogether.

This doesn’t mean however that you can neglect eating right, as it seems that this is another warning you have to remember this July.

If where you live, the weather is not nice to you at all, for example you have to deal with a heatwave, this will weigh you down more than you can imagine if you don’t hydrate and eat right.

A new challenge

It seems that the second half of July will be directed towards making quick money, whether for you or for a friend. You will try to take more hours at work or do something extra. Whilst some natives will be lucky enough to get what they want in time, others will have to struggle a bit.

With some emotional intelligence, you can use this as a good lesson and some natives might even come up with ideas of a side project. After the 20th, the stars will support all sorts of entrepreneurial activities.

At first, you will prefer not to involve your partner and maybe you will be quite selfish not to do it. But this is your idea, your time and your space and you want this to stay like this.

However, it won’t be long until you will succumb to all the enthusiasm this produces to you and you will tell them all about it.

Socializing at work

Towards the end of the month, the agitation returns at work and there may be some misunderstandings you will have to navigate. The best part is that a great chance might come out exactly from an error or confusion of yours.

Perhaps a superior will be more attentive to your work and reward some efforts you have done or that you get to mingle with someone from a different department and get a piece of information that is very useful.

You might also have to attend some sort of part work, part social event and there will be quite a few worries about what to wear and how to behave there.

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