Scorpio July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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There are no excuses this July, not for anything you may feel is not ok and definitely not for moments when you are having fun. There is no need to explain yourself and you should feel comfortable in your own skin.

You may long to travel and you may try to do your best for this to happen this month, especially if people around you are going on fancy trips.

You may also find that you gain wisdom on your travels so there is a component of self-development next to the entertainment aspect.

There may be some tensions this month, most likely sourced from work but then you may not benefit from the wits to keep them there and may take them with you at home. Of course that those dear to you are not going to understand you completely.


Enhance! The best thing you can do this July, for your own inner peace and that of those around is to leave worries aside and just live in the moment, comfortably, without many requests. This could be a good month for some down time, perhaps a chance to also catch up with friends and distant family.

Sources of internalized conflict

The first week starts with an exciting and transformational aspect, that of Mercury square Uranus. No wonder you will be in a good mood, despite the nervous tensions that are also gathering around you. It may be that you are confronted with a change in your daily routine and your normal balance is not put at risk.

You will try to subconsciously seek for support from your friends on the matter and you will thus end up spending more time with them, which is always good for you.

The word of advice would be to think twice about your moaning and to try to keep some things to yourself.

After all, you don’t want to create the wrong impression about yourself, especially since this is only a temporary situation.


TOP TIP of the month: Be generous with your time, especially when it comes to small gestures of good will that don’t take much from you but can mean the world to the person you are trying to help.

Other occasions for internalized conflict to burst out may occur around the 5th, as Mercury opposes Mars but this time, the warrior planet makes you act in a bolder manner. This time you are advised to avoid being too direct or hostile and to think about how your actions influence others. You really don’t want to bother anyone.

The Sun trine Neptune aspect debuting on the 8th will turn your attention to your peers and if I tell you that this an aspect boasting with empathy that takes out the nurturer in everyone, you can easily deduct what effect this will have on you.

Whilst you are going to be a lot more interested in what others are doing, you will also worry a lot more than usual about those dear to you.

This may also translate in practice in you calling people numerous times per day and being rather annoying with them.

Moving on from this, if someone is not very responsive to your questions and will prefer to keep to themselves, your worries will transform into suspicion so there are quite a few chances for you to spend the middle of July playing the detective.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus trine Saturn aspect forming on the 14th will get your hopes high about a long-term commitment finally coming true. It may not be that you have found your soulmate, but this is close enough.

Stick to a routine

Around the 18th, things might get rather busy at work but you are not going to be in the best shape so may not be able to focus as much as you would like.

There is a high risk of errors of judgment during this period so the best thing for you is to at least not hurry into taking any decisions.

The Venus sextile Jupiter aspect on the 22nd will make you abandon all your cautiousness and will turn you into a party person, whether or not there are occasions for this in your life.

You are going to seek to entertain yourself at any cost and may even take to gambling or other games of risk to keep the adrenaline going.


Watch out! Some natives are now going to be very interested in finding a partner and will succumb to temptation. Everyone seems to want to get out of their comfort zone but under the Sun square Uranus disposition developing on the 25th, this freedom may also come with some strings attached.

It appears that it is a lot easier for you during this time to get into trouble and some reckless actions may have abrupt consequences.

This is why you are advised to experiment with care and also stick to a bit of a routine, at least you will be able to keep your health under control if you do so.

The Lunar Eclipse occurring on the 27th may come with some challenges at home, discussions about family dynamic that are going to be started by some purely practical issues.

This is when you are required to remain calm, no matter the crisis the family is going through and to use all your connections, no matter the money you spend, to reach the best solution.

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