Scorpio July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Although this month will mark a period of growth and evolution for you, this will come with its associated price. There will be some disruption, a state of agitation and stress. But what we can say, is that the stars have it all planned for you and in the end, it will all be worth it.

This July marks a great moment for you to exhibit a talent of yours and you should see some interesting things happening, perhaps your skills being recognized at a higher level.

It seems that this time you even find solutions to some old problems both professionally and sentimentally. Good things are announced for you in July and changes to make you even happier. You're on the move and you're not going to waste your time.

Family life is peaceful and harmonious, and the causes of future conflicts are now easily dissolved by calm talk and goodwill.

In July, every Scorpio will take care of his or her career, especially as everyone will be feeling so special for doing this, whilst everyone else is on holiday.

You will not think about holidays. Work is one that satisfies you, so you will not have any motivational problems. So it's a wonderful escape from your personal life, where things will not be so clear.

You will be able to clear your mind if you spend some time on your own, but this might be a little difficult to do this month, with the busy schedule you have ahead of you.

July highlights

If you want to revamp something about your lifestyle, whether it is your look, something about your habits or the inside of your home, make sure you take advantage of the first week of July. You benefit from great inspiration and it seems like the disruption will also be minimal.

You are also flirting with the idea of some travel abroad and perhaps you will receive some news from abroad. You would be beyond yourself if you would get the opportunity to visit another culture or similar.

Around the 14th, there are high chances to spend sweet, beautiful moments with your family and surely, some events that will strengthen your relationship will take place. You seem to have the brightest outlook when in their company.

Some kind of power struggle might start off around the 20th, perhaps between you and a friend and perhaps starting from the silliest of issues. You are going to be very charming in your behaviour but not very logical so try to stay away from any arguments.

Towards the end of the month it seems like it’s time to go back to your studies and some kind of educational matter will keep you very busy for a long time. At first you may struggle a bit to get back on the horse with studying but it shouldn’t be all too long before you feel comfortable with your decision.

Scorpio love horoscope for July 2019

There are certain astrological aspects this July, over your head, that come with the promise of love, with romantic encounters, full of charm, having more courage to make love declarations, and perhaps even the potential of a possible marriage request.

Around the 10th, you have the chance to experience passionate love at the fantastic level, releasing a powerful magnetism through the mystery you inspire. You have a very strong sexual instinct, and you can easily get involved in casual relationships by putting sexuality first.

What you live until the end of the month is not easy, being called to intense transformations, to true metamorphosis through a passionate relationship of passion, of a resounding intensity.

Especially around the 20th, you will become highly melancholic and you will feel the need to love and to be loved, to find your half, to take a new start in the couple.

The stars could help, by making it much easier to be noticed by the opposite sex. It is the time of decisions, declarations of love, and long-term commitments. You have the opportunity to say with more courage what you feel, think, what desires you have from a relationship, what are your expectations in relation to the long-term.

Career progress this month

In July 2019, you seem to get the opportunity to demonstrate to all what you are capable of. You will be bolder in your decisions and you will have no time for doubts or useless worries.

It seems like a particular domain of work is at your fingertips and your reputation as a specialist in the area is likely to grow. Some notable work progression might also happen for some natives.

But be careful for all this spotlight not to get to your head. The stars will not look happily upon those who take too much pride, who enter on a path of intrigue or who do things purposefully to awake the jealousy of others.

Some Scorpions now understand that certain collaborations or business partnerships are no longer beneficial to them. It may even be that some of them threaten the safety of what they have built up so far.

Proper resource management is one of the sensible topics of July 2019, because the planets that govern the Scorpion money houses - Jupiter and Mercury - are in retrograde.

Reassess your resources before any bad news kicks in. You may find that funding is postponed at this time, that you do not have the necessary documents to ask for funds or even a loan. It would not be too good to rush to new loans, but it is preferable to seek to pay your current debts, especially if you have arrears of taxes.

Be cautious, so that you do not get into the situation when the money comes, but they go as you blink!

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