Scorpio July 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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The month will be good, so you need to just enjoy it. Don’t anticipate anything and live in the present. Your physical state will be excellent, you will have a great mood, and July will be the best for you.

Don’t think about any ties, escape annoyances, and the time will be passing with fun. There will be a freedom air blowing in Scorpio. Ever since the month’s beginning, the mood at home will be good.

However, people are going to notice just how volcanic you are and how far you can take things. You need to rest, so make it clear to the people in your surroundings that you do. Your family will be represented, and you will need them by your side.

Together with your clan, you will be motivated. Starting with the 11th of July and until the 16th, your senses will be awakened by the most beautiful dynamic.

You will decide to have fun and be free, so you will go out a lot, meeting new people. Around July 23rd, you will enter the silent mode, meaning you are going to go to the countryside to take some long walks and rest by the water.

July 2022 Highlights

In July expect to see your own letter’s arrangements. The planets that are going to be gathered in only one sector are going to take you in a single direction, whereas those from another sector will be pulling in the opposite side.

This will happen between the card’s upper hemisphere and the lower one, meaning that you will have an attitude that will be oscillating between your ambitions from outside and the emotional harmony, between profession and home. As there will be many planets gathered in the sector of profession, the winning sector will be the one of ambition and profession.

With the planet Uranus being retrograde, and with Uranus ruling the Scorpio’s 4th House, you will have a lot of power in the professional house, so you will let go of any domestic affair for a while, despite your family protesting. The month will still be very prosperous and happy, the happiest in the year.

Feelings and moods will be optimistic and high, so all sorts of new horizons will be opening. The things announced in the yearly report are going to happen in July, with some happening during the past month. There will be trips to foreign countries, happy opportunities for education, so in case you happen to be a student, then you will receive some great news regarding what you are studying.

In case you are thinking to get married for the second time, then expect a great opportunity to arrive. You will be in excellent health, have luck with speculation, and gain a lot from an economical point of view.

Until July 10th, Venus will be in the Scorpio’s 10th House, meaning that you will need to be reviewing what has been said during the past month.

Love will be your priority, so many opportunities are going to arrive. In case you already happen to be with someone, then things are going to go perfectly, yet on the 10th and the 15th, as well as on the 20th and the 23rd, you will need to pay attention to what eruptions are arising.

Venus is going to be stimulating the pints of the eclipse for these periods, so you might have some dirty laundry coming out. But this will be only temporary. You will have to reach consensus and to compromise when it comes to any love matter, as this is going to be fixing your problems.

Until July 10th, you will be interested in those who can give you a hand regarding profession. Later, your love is going to need some changes, so you’ll be interested in combining it with friendship. After July 10th, this will become your goal.

Venus in the sign of Virgo will be challenging you to love, provoking your desire of finding the perfect mate and cleansing all relationship impurities. However, this is going to be difficult, as you will need to be very delicate and not criticize in a destructive manner.

Be constructive with your criticism and friendly, also on time. This is going to help you reject any personal attack or tantrum. Your profession will be on the verge of taking off, so you will have a frantic pace.

Be ready to get promoted, to get a raise or some honors, and to be propelled upper in your career. Until July 23rd, Scorpios will be in fabulous health, and after, they will need more rest.

Scorpio Love Horoscope for July

Those Scorpios who are in love and married, despite going through some disagreements for the month’s first days, will manage to reach some agreements and be happy in the couple. They will carry out projects jointly, and this will bring unification.

Those Scorpios who are single are going to meet someone sensitive in a place where there’s higher education being taught, as well as a social event or while traveling. They will be more passionate and seductive, so their gift will be ensuring that they have reciprocated feelings that are making their love grow.

Things shouldn’t be taken for granted. The month of July is going to bring all sorts of answers if these answers are being looked for. There will be a romantic situation clarified, and you will be able to enjoy relaxation.

Venus’ beneficial influences will be offering some chances to make a relationship possible. Until July 22nd, you will have some issues keeping up with things, meaning you will need to do many things, and all at once. The astral sky will appear to be in good aspects during the month of July, meaning that you will have your relationship growing stronger.

There will be the most beautiful aspect being present as well. Some romance can’t hurt, and your partner will appreciate you for being touchy. You are doing what you’re supposed to do, so go on with it. Since it’s summer, you will be more attractive and seductive.

You will be jumping every occasion, not considering anything serious, as you would rather have fun. However, between the 10th of July and the 15th, someone is going to be looking at you, and you are going to be feeling destabilized in a way.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Jupiter and Uranus being present in the Scorpio’s House of work is going to be mobilizing you to enter a relationship of dependency. There will be opportunities arising, opportunities for you to be satisfied with accepting any change that this duo of planets is sending your way.

Moreover, under Venus’ influence, for the month’s first 10 days, you will have a beneficial scene at work closing, not to mention that you will be brought some material and personal gains. Those working for themselves will receive the stars’ support to get more work and develop economically. Nothing will be stopping them. It will be important for them to make the effort of formulating just what they are expecting, not only from others, but also from themselves.

They will have initiatives, yet if they are blindly enthusiastic, they won’t reach the improvements they’re aiming for. Some setbacks will be involved. Therefore, they will need to plan for all sorts of new activities, to improve not only their quantity of work, but also the quality.

Some results will arrive later. In the meantime, they will need to cut down on their expenses, as Mercury might cause some economical imbalances. Everything will be stable with finances for the month.

Venus being present in the 8th House is going to make transactions easier, as well as selling family properties, investing in businesses, and forming associations. When it comes to work, Chiron beginning to retrograde in the 6th House of Scorpio will lead to some situations that are uncomfortable with the colleagues.

Expect the signing of some contracts to be delayed. Let’s keep in mind that the planet Mars in the 6th House of the Scorpio will promote more dynamism at work. However, there will also be Chiron retrograding in the same location, bringing some news about frustration, anger that has been repressed, and a need to remain in control.

Scorpios will need to be mature about these things, to positively channel their emotions by meditating and taking up sports or arts. They will need to strive in order to learn from any situation, to transform themselves.

Your Wellbeing This Month

There will be some unexpected and sudden changes generating the Scorpios some serious problems, especially around the upper respiratory area and in the throat. Moreover, they will have headaches. It’s indicated for them to remain calm, to look at what benefits transformations can bring.

They should think about what has helped them to remain safe and what they no longer need. Further, they need to express themselves clearly and openly. Their self-esteem won’t get to a lower point if they are no longer proud.

It’s important for Scorpios that they find a method of channelling their abundant energy. They should do some sports if they don’t want to become cathartic. Sport will clear their mind.

Diet is important as well. Since more energy is going to be used, they will need to replenish it somehow. Therefore, they will need a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Further, they will have to cook their own food.

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