Scorpio June 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-05-21, 3572 views

As long as you don’t decide exactly what you are searching for on the short term, don’t expect to be happy with the way things move. Not to mention that some days you are going to be insufferable and not even those close to you will bother to put up with you.

There are some days of relaxation set this

June but you might miss out on them if you procrastinate at the wrong moments, something you are quite inclined to do. Always, things are going to be shinier on the other side but this is no reason to give up on your own efforts.

Some group projects and discussions, with people who are not willing to agree with you that easily, are going to put you off work even easier but with a little wisdom and the proper guidance, you’ll see them to completion.

Searching for drama

The first few days of the month are going to be quite peaceful but then you really want to stir things up, therefore you will most likely search for ground for conflict with your partner. And what you want you may find, especially with the perseverance you are searching to victimize yourself.

But it will only be for your loss as it seems that your partner is quite detached and will most likely let you agitate on your own.

And don’t forget that you are losing out on precious time, time you could be investing in keeping things under control, especially at work.

Up until the middle of the month, things seem terribly slippery at work and someone might be lurking in the shadow, ready to snap that project from you or to showcase your mistakes.

What you chose to do

Therefore, if you want a bit of action, you might find it in the office. But it will be a different kind of drama, something a lot more sophisticated and with words that mean something else completely.

Be prepared for other delays and some instability but this will also favor your problem solving attitude and the quicker you are to jump on the horse, the easier it is going to seem overall.

Beware of partnerships though because you are not really attracting the right people around you and thus shouldn’t count on anyone else but you. Mars retrograde is tempting you into believing and allowing some things to happen but this will only bring further frustration.

Also, if you have some money to give, it would be best to give them now and escape the pressure, despite the fact that you might have a hard time yourself after that. Not coordinating debt will have more disastrous results.

Changing plans

The third week of June might bring with it some personal regrets, perhaps in regard to a lost opportunity, something you can blame yourself for entirely. And this time it is best to leave your head down and accept defeat.

The more time you spend in this state, the better the lesson will be imprinted in your mind and perhaps won’t do it again. Venus will sweeten up things a bit and might turn this into a whole spiritual experience.

But this is not only about sadness as something else might be brewing as well, perhaps some kind of exchange, receiving visitors or you going someplace abroad.

Be careful what you prepare for this because you might be too dreamy to be objective and might forget things at home or end up in a terrible faux pas.


The 20th will bring more financial difficulty, especially if you succumb to temptation and treat yourself to some shopping of any kind.

And such misfortune will bring clouds of conflict at home as well, perhaps you will have to deal with the anger or disappointment of someone of authority, someone you look up to.

The only way to escape this unharmed and without having to admit that you were wrong, something you really want to, will be to negotiate your bail out, perhaps with a lot of promises.

But don’t say you’ll do anything you know you can’t keep because you won’t be able to escape the amends this time.

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