Scorpio June 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-05-25, 3591 views

Everything that is thoroughly planned will go even better than expected this June but on the other hand, the moment you leave things to fate, that’s when everything goes wrong. This doesn’t mean that you should stress out, it just says that if you want to achieve something this month, you should be as responsible as possible.

You are full of creativity and initiative but you need to understand that for results, this needs to be coupled with preparation.

At times, you will prefer to just go with the flow, careless, but thankfully, your partner will take your place in terms of ambition and will steer things right.

Also, perhaps you should pay as little attention as possible to what others are saying, because, despite the fact that you are wise enough not to take things personally, there is still risk for you to be upset, at least on an unconscious level.

Keep trying

The first week will be one full of news of all kinds and in some situations, a rapid reaction from you may be required. You put a lot of interest into how others perceive your image so you will take very good care of yourself.

Also, you may need to convince a family member about a change you envision for the family and this has chances to turn into quite a difficult endeavor.

You will be surprised by their resistance and it might take a few days before you can break the shell.

Don’t be phased by the prospect of a negotiation of some kind because things might get to this at some point, in the family environment, not only at work. Venus favors this and helps your speak with passion about what you want to achieve.

Some shopping

It seems that around the 15th it is not the best time to plan any travel, even for errands, not to mention business meetings. You are lacking the necessary focus and might end up delaying things further.

Don’t be afraid of the costs you might incur with such last minute changes because they will prove to be worth it later on.

On a different note, shopping activities may be quite successful, perhaps you will be able to find something you have been looking for. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and buy something for your lover as well, either to make up for something you did or just like a nice surprise.

Competition matters may leave you a bit overwhelmed but it seems that the stars are on your side and Mars, particularly, is pumping a lot of energy in you.

Friendly mood

The second half of June is also going to be a friendly one for you and there are quite a few chances for you to make new friends. You will also spend a lot of time away from home which will make you overlook some practical issues that may arise.

This is also a good time to communicate more with distant relatives, as you tend to be more acceptant towards them, than you usually are. You might be surprised to discover that you have quite a few things to catch up on.

The only thing to stop you may be some preconceptions that you are going to form all of a sudden, that don’t have a real basis. You are quite judgmental where you shouldn’t be and towards people who have been nothing but kind to you.

You are also attracted to mystery and will end up creating some suspicions in your mind, just to have a reason to research into some matters you are curious about.


And following on the curiosity aspects, it seems that the last week of June will be marked by your attempts to come in contact with as much information as possible. You are not letting anyone go and surely no one can hide anything from you.

This attitude might also predispose you towards nostalgia and your mind will go back to something you did in the past.

For some natives this will prove to be quite an emotional turmoil while others will take things a lot easier. Any way, everyone is searching for closure. If you take a bit of time to think about everything, you might reach a conclusion on your own.

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