Scorpio June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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June this year will be a beneficial month for your confidence and social life. Now it's time to focus on work again. You do not want to miss important information. Maybe you thought about professional advancements or would like a salary increase. All will be true for Scorpio this period.

At the start of the month you will have plenty of energy and motivation but things will turn out slightly more complicated in time.

The energy of transformation abounds and we all know it's appealing to Scorpions. If you could put yourself on a drafting table and re-design who you are, what would the new self look like?

Think about it, while this intense energy abounds, but avoid becoming a martyr of your own idealism and expectations. Your optimism is an advantage.

Friends will look for you and ask you to be in the spotlight. This could be a month for deep enlightenment. Keep in mind the fun and inspiration, you ought to have in your social activities. If a new path or a direction is what you are looking for, then listen to your instinct!

June highlights

The first week of June will be a great time for negotiations and communications of all sorts. You are quick to seize the moment and will know how to work your charms in your favour.

You will find that you get along perfectly with people of authority and will be favoured by important people whose attention you couldn’t get up to this point.

Some investment or financial opportunities may surface around the 10th and you will feel like you need to move fast, before they’re gone. It may be that you also involve someone very close from the family in what you decide to do.

Travel opportunities may also be in the cards after the 17th, whether we are talking about your personal holiday or some work-related project. Be careful about your means of transportation because some minor nuisance may occur.

During the second half of June you are likely to be mentally alert and in a good tonus, a lot of your attention going to ways in which to improve your lifestyle.

Try to live a clean life, not only with regards to what you eat but also by moving away from toxic relations that are not doing you any good or collaborations that are simply consuming all your energy.

Scorpio love horoscope for June 2019

With Venus in your eight house starting the 9th and with the Sun transiting the same house around the 21st, surely passion will not lack from your love life this month.

These transits create a favorable atmosphere for deepening the love relationship, but also for (re) building mutual trust, affirming mutual loyalty and rediscovering intimacy.

Scorpions who are at the beginning of a romantic relationship have the chance to lead it to a new, deeper stage this month.

Surely the stars favour tenderness, eroticism, the opening of those mysterious corners of soul that we do not show to anyone, but which feed the need for intensity of experiences, and can become destructive, if not allowed free reign.

Towards the end of the month, some Scorpions will tend toward sexual excesses or complicated, secret relationships. No matter how lively your libido is, try not to risk it all up, not to end up in situations that could endanger you, in any way.

With regards to single Scorpios, these enjoy more success in love in the first half of the month, because during the second half, it seems like Neptune will give them a bit of a headache and might blur their thoughts, preventing them from acting upon what they really want.

On a similar note, by comparison, in the first half they will be clearly transmitting their intentions to the opposite sex, but in the second half they will allow themselves to become blindly haunted by illusions.

Career progress this month

Scorpio tends to have good news this June, even from people from abroad, but may have problems with illusions or excessive planning, and are required to take on a more objective career perspective.

Venus's transit through the Gemini sign is auspicious for Scorpio natives who are trying to rekindle passion in their job.

In June, you will have the opportunity to revitalize what you do at work, especially if you have the chance to get involved in a new project or travel more.

Professionally, you are very inspired and this may even attract other insights, but there is a risk of being more subjective in assessing crucial situations. Do not rush to make decisions, possibly consult a more realistic person or have more information before you make any long-term decisions.

From a financial point of view, it can be said that in June 2019 you benefit from relations with foreigners, collaboration with foreigners, a trip, or you can take exams to certify your skills.

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