Scorpio June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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For Scorpios, this June should mark a period in which family is the main priority. You are an indispensable part of your family circle and most of those close to you count on you to a lesser or greater degree. Don’t deprive them of your advice and objective vision of potential problems.

If you give those dear to you a helping hand, June will become a period of harmony and solidarity. However, don't forget about your needs and to take care of your body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can work wonders.

June 2020 highlights

June this year will be beneficial for the career. Now it's time to focus on work again. You don't want to miss important information. Maybe you have thought about professional advancements or would like a salary increase. All will come true for Scorpio this year.

All the qualities of Scorpio will be tested this month. You will need to know how to negotiate many aspects in order for the result to be the desired one. Most Scorpios will succeed and will be satisfied with what they have achieved so far.

Advice for key dates in June:

Around the 2nd: Atmosphere at home may be tense, put your feeling out there, don’t hide.

Around the 9th: You may be focusing too much on work and too little on yourself.

Around the 14th: Keep an eye on how you spend your money.

Around the 22nd: You are on the same wavelength with your bosses, so take advantage.

Around the 30th: Take the advice of someone older and wiser, they know what they’re talking about.

Scorpio love horoscope for June

Venus is the planet that governs the relationships of those born in the sign of Scorpio, and its retrograde in Gemini can reveal secrets, infidelities, extramarital affairs, hidden passions, but also can bring into question the financial situation of the couple and tensions may arise in this direction.

Many natives may decide to enter into a secret relationship. These aspects will be felt more by those who have ascendant in Scorpio. The situation of an inheritance, litigation, sharing, credit must be carefully re-analyzed now.

Another aspect that needs to be pointed out, given that Mars enters the house of love, and there is also Neptune and makes tense aspects with Venus, is the tendency of Scorpio natives to be materialistic, to deceive, to flirt and to get involved in adventures.

They can be taken aback by dreams and illusions, but most likely the relationships started now at this stage will endure.

Career and finances

The lunar eclipse occurring on the 5th takes place right in the second house of money for Scorpio and looks tense at the planet Mars, which is the governor of the house of Scorpio's work.

Therefore, the stars reveal that there may be a turning point in professional life and in terms of income. You may need to change your earning strategy, try something on your own, or use your creativity or personal talent so that you can you capitalize on your competence and experience differently than before, in a more efficient, more profitable way.

You find the determination to deal with an older project that you've kind of ignored lately. Thus, in June, you work hard for your future. It is important to take a few moments off, otherwise exhaustion will soon be knocking on your door.

For some Scorpios, the solar eclipse, that takes place on the 21st in their ninth house of education and travel, could generate the need for reorientation or, if you are a student, change of current specialization, precisely in order to have more chances on the labor market, which is undergoing important transformations.

Also, this eclipse can mark a moment of major changes in the company you work for or run, especially if it is a company with foreign capital or carrying out import-export activities.

Your wellbeing this month

No need to be completely with your head in the clouds this month in order to relax. You can still have your pampering and little breaks in between responsibility sessions. Think of a smart investment from which to get a lot more than you put in.

Whilst for some the retrograde of Mercury then of Venus might create a little emotional havoc and bring to surface worries and fears, you seem to be quite invested in weathering the storm.

Actually, you might even feel the need to tidy up your social life and eliminate certain people or toxic situations from your life.

During the second half of the month you may be more prone to giving in to anxious thoughts in relation to a condition you experience but the more relaxed you are about it, the easier time will pass and this situation will become history.

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