Scorpio March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 3867 views

Positive thinking is going to be the key to whatever you want to accomplish this March and although this might seem like a cliche, think about how bad things seem to work when you expect them to be bad and just surrender.

Luckily, we are not talking about any battle here and even if we would have, you got your wits about you and may be capable of a lot than you can imagine. This might also mean that you will indivertibly get yourself in some complicated situations and then you will end up learning a lot from them.

Learning is something that will come in all sizes and shapes for you, but again, only if you are open enough. No one will chase you with information or help but you are more than welcome to chase some people you consider interesting.

Work activities

It seems that during the first week, there will be a lot more about participating than achieving and even if your results are going to be more than expected, you are going to value more the experience as a whole rather than the result.

There may be some challenges at work, perhaps having to deal with some people who are not from your office.

The great change is going to come from your behavior, because you are going to be less interested in impressing others and more interested in what they have to say and what they can contribute with.

There will be someone that will be averse to what you stand for and might end up planting some doubt in your mind with their opinions and harsh words but again, they key is in how you interpret things.

What you can achieve

Be careful with priorities and lists around the 12th, because this is where you tend to sabotage yourself. Perhaps you are spending too much time making plans and not really looking into what is feasible to do and what not.

There is a limited amount of time you have for some activities and you might find that you need to settle for good enough, rather than seek for perfection.

Some are chasing excellence for the money, in which case, the disappointment will be quite big. You are speaking of experience but you are not quick to get on board with changes on the way.

Make sure you sleep enough around the 18th, as poor rest and some dietary excesses are making themselves felt more than you can imagine. Don’t do anything that will jeopardize your health just for some extra energy.

Who are you saving

You will attempt to be some sort of Robin Hood to your friends around the 20th but perhaps not everyone wants to be saved and you surely don’t have enough resources to save everyone.

There is one thing to give a helping hand at a real crisis moment and there is another to be the annoying person who’s got all sorted for themselves and is trying to pick others up.

You may be challenged at home and might find this quite disappointing. Don’t be too aggressive about it because this is just in the perception of others. Detachment may be easy to talk about and hard to put in practice but surely brings some good results.

Venus is prompting you to get in touch with your sense and for those who are in a stable relationship, this will not be too far to search for.

Controversial times

During the last week of the month you are going to be quite emotional and quick to let go off some rational thoughts. If there is a time when others can see clearly your opinion about them, then this is that time.

You don’t really have any filter and prefer to say whatever helps you vent, irrespective of what this means for the relationship you have with that person and irrespective of what is going to happen in the future.

There is a lot of creativity going on but you prefer to put it to use for your emotions rather than for something more pragmatic. You are pouring all your mind into some conversations you are most likely going to regret at some point or another.

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