Scorpio March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3605 views

Congrats Scorpio! You are entering a month of deep emotions that you will have occasions to prove you can tame. Yes, you read it right! Expect occasions that will overwhelm you and generally a role coaster of emotions but don’t worry about this because you are not going to let yourself led by them.

With the stars on your side, plus Saturn and Pluto in your relationship house, you feel stronger than ever and will tend to get a lot of energy and good vibes from the support of those around.

Under the influence of the Sun trine Jupiter, progressive ideas have greater chances to become reality but consider yourself warned that unless you dream high, no one will come to you with ready made solutions.

As Mercury retrograde starts on March 22, you will really need to focus what you communicate and leave metaphors and tiny little plots outside of your daily endeavors.

Idle times

The month debuts with an interesting aspect, seeing Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Your strength is increased but your confidence may be lacking. Your motivation may be running high today but then will take a dip tomorrow.

It appears that your behavior is greatly connected to the vibes you get from those around. This should mean straight away that you need to surround yourself by interesting and active people. However, your tendencies may also be of lazing around and you’ll prefer to seek people with similar tendencies, so that you don’t feel bad when comparing yourself to them.

After the 10th, you may be slightly more interested in making a good impression at work and it seems that this will make you more attractive from a love life perspective too.

A love filled period

The Jupiter trine Uranus aspect progresses you attitude naturally from the above and the more attention you get in response to the charm you are exuding, the more interested you are yourself.

This is actually a great time to get into a relationship, even if you are just testing the waters and are not sure that you want to commit on the long term. You may be seeking for the artsy type but at the end of the day, it will be your heart that will decide, not your mind.

Take advantage of the good weather, if the case, and spend as much time as you can outdoors after the 14th. It may be that this is where you will meet interesting people or that this is where you will be able to think most clearly.


This March you really need to understand that work will be very important for you, not necessarily because of what you do there and what you may accomplish but because of other associated events taking place in the space of work and professional life.

The stars are sort of playing up and muddling the waters for you so don’t be surprised if you show signals of a crush on a colleague, or, who knows, on a superior.

Some old fears may re-surface, but this is only because you sort of let your mind roam freely. Rather than imagine all sort of scenarios, get out there more and live a little.

After the 20th, you might want to be more careful with your health, especially if you haven’t been following a healthy diet or gotten enough sleep recently. All of this is really catching up with you now.

All sort of choices

Returning to the Sun trine Jupiter aspect, we need to talk with all the cards on the table – you are in for money, but watch out what you are spending it on. There can be brought up arguments for and against risks and investments of all sorts but this is a truly generous aspect, so enjoy.

The very last day of the month will ensure things get heated with Venus’ entry in Taurus. You will find yourself making up all sort of scenarios and temptation in love runs high.

Just as spring is a time for regeneration, you may get some ideas for change, yourself, and may adapt your behavior to appear more popular and attractive to others, perhaps you may even look into targeting a particular love interest. In conclusions, ideas come and go but surely you will have a lot of fun with your thoughts.

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