Scorpio March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-02-23, 4482 views

This March, the planet Venus positively influences Scorpio natives in terms of their relationships with others. The positive energy you emanate around you attracts potential partners.

Self-confidence and a positive attitude help you to deal with all sort of situations, although personally, you are also going to be quite agitated. Sometimes, you have no reason for your actions and may take some things at face value.

Scorpions can have some professional achievements during the second half of the month. However, they tend to lose focus when they see that everything is going great, and this can affect their work.

With Mercury playing up, there may occur some communication issues, but if you manage to focus, efficiency will eventually emerge. In addition, try to focus more on things you can control rather than on those you cannot.

March highlights

Right at the start of the month, some professional challenges may arise, in relation to your colleagues and you might be required to navigate some rather perilous waters.

As the month progresses, it seems that during the second week the tensions move at home, but this time you are more than equipped to deal with them and you are going to be very strong about everything.

You will also feel like you are speaking the same language with those close and this will give you a strange feeling of comfort.

Around the 20th, you need to avoid spending the money when it comes to things you do not really need. You can have lucrative discussions with someone close, perhaps even take on their example, regarding a really healthy habit.

Pursuing a passion of yours might mean that the end of the month will come with some financial rewards.

Scorpio love horoscope for March

It seems that the prospect of a new love or of rekindling or saving an old one might prompt you to begin to improve certain aspects of your life. In the long term, this might have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle.

Those natives who are not yet willing to give up on their bad habits will still play their way into the hearts of their love interests, but more through flirting and a bit of lying.

This lying however, coupled with Mercury retrograde’s activity might leave some unexpected marks on your reputation so you need to be careful about it.

Around the middle of the month is going to be the peak moment for romance so make sure you take advantage of the couple of days around the 15th. Perhaps a little compromise won’t do you harm either, especially with regards to small details that you shouldn’t be fixated on anyways.

Towards the end of the month the love area will transform in a bit of a minefield because you are likely to display a rather needy behavior, which, will at times be satisfied but at other times will be denied, perhaps in conflictual ways.

You may also end up feeling offended that you are not the greatest priority of your partner this month, although another side of yours does understand why this is happening.

Career progress this month

Career may not be your strong point in March 2019 but this is not necessarily something bad because you rather enjoy the fun or do just what you like from your job duties.

Mars still transits Scorpio's partnership home, and Uranus joins after the 6th, which means that there is a bit of instability in the air. Some of your decision may require a radical revamp.

On the other hand, with a change in mindset might come the opportunity to lay the foundations for unexpected business partnerships.

After the 20th, as the Sun moves in your sixth house, your ambitions are favored once again. This is especially relevant for those who want to enter the hierarchy by demonstrating their skills, but also those who are looking for a new job.

At the financial level, you are not necessarily inspired this month, and you tend to risk or spend too much on fun experiences, even wasting some of the savings done with effort over the years. Mercury’s retrograde motion may blur your thinking and make you feel as if you can afford more than you actually can.

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