Scorpio May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 3066 views

This May is going to be all about dwelling into your old means and you won’t really be allowed to try on new hats of responsibility or start new projects. Therefore you need to be happy with what you have to do now and don’t prevent any hectic batches of days create even more disruption than they will already do.

Social endeavors seem to enter in the same category for the first half of the month, so don’t expect to have any invitations lining up and the ones you might get will probably not be attractive enough. This might make you a lot grumpier than usual and even your partner won’t find the right buttons to push to bring you back on track.

Catching up

Around the 10th you will probably be bombarded with back to back meetings at work and won’t have time to breathe, not to mention do anything else, for work or for yourself. If those around are not empathic you will have to be very strict with them and set some boundaries.

The more they interrupt, the more hectic everything will seem. This will be one of your main fights during these days, trying to stay afloat with personal and professional life.

But as the days go by and we are nearing the middle of the month it seems that you are getting more free time and can catch up with whatever you have been missing.

Your focus also changes on old hobbies and to tend to see even chores around the house as a retreat. If you keep your persistence, you will manage to achieve a lot more than you expect in less time.

Point of maximum

But of course this is not here to stay and laziness will probably creep in sooner or later and you will keep finding yourself excuses. The good news for this is that most people around you are not going to really be bothered about this so they won’t say a word.

But if you view this from the perspective of what you are missing out on, then is a shame no one is willing or cares enough to confront you. The 18th might bring some culmination in a previous conflict and you might finally come to grips with something.

The peace, however, won’t be long on your side as it seems that the last 10 days of the month will bring you back to a lot of work and no personal time. The single natives are going to be the most benefited because they don’t have any relationships to worry about. 

Where do we stand

You may be put in the situation to justify some past decisions and you won’t really be able to find your words so it’s either that you will be completely dismissed or completely misunderstood.

While on other occasion you might have been strongly affected by this, in the current setting you are too busy to even think twice about it. So it’s a good thing you have to work.

Not a good thing when it comes to chances of travel you might be missing because of work though. And there might actually be the case of a real proposition you will have to turn down because you need to be responsible.

You will be surprised to find out that the busier you are, the more clear you can see your long term objectives, perhaps because you don’t have time to doubt them anymore. At the same time you are quite happy with yourself and this feeling of accomplishment might stay with you for longer than a few days this time.

What to do next

Communication will be primordial in the last week of the month and you will be put in situations where you need to convey the same message to different people and you need to adapt the tone and approach for each of them.

While this might seem as a challenge at the beginning, you will soon get the hang of it and actually end up enjoying it. This might also put you in contact with a lot more people compared to the amount of interactions you have on a normal day of work.

And although all this might be tiring, it will help you secure some interesting connections. This is the moment when you also need to be careful to your appearance and to your body language. Try to hide lack of confidence and emotions, at least when in the company of people who are on similar positions with you.

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