Scorpio May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3672 views

You are in a good place emotionally this May, whether it seems like this from the beginning or not, and your need for reassurance is going to wind down. You are undoubtedly more confident than usual in what you have to do and what you want to pursue.

Some natives might have a hard time dealing with all sorts of questions from those dear to them, especially children and they will probably have to sugar coat things a bit. There is a tendency to have things in movement faster than usual and despite the fact that you are happy with the current pace, you will also adopt this tendency.

Financially speaking, while this month won’t make you rich over night, it won’t leave you worse off at the end either. There is a direct causality between how much you work and the money you receive for your effort but this might take a while to happen in reality.

Negotiation time

The first week will test your patience and the answer will probably be a positive one. This will be reflected in your attitude and into how much importance you give to other things that are happening.

Some natives will find themselves working intensively for someone else’s project but this won’t mean that they are not 1005 invested in what they do. Venus is also boosting motivation and such.

This is a period of negotiations and discussing terms for long lasting work relationships and perhaps you will bring some of what you learn at the table of negotiations in your life as well.

You seem to be a lot more interested than usual in what your friends are doing and they will probably imagine that you have a hidden agenda.


Around the 10th, you might come across some road blocks in terms of how you communicate with those close, either that you are putting too much pressure in some regards or just because you are simply not making yourself clear.

You are putting too much emphasis on events that for others may be a lot less significant and it seems that this will make others question whether you are objective enough.

You do let yourself led by feelings and intuition but this doesn’t mean that you don’t breath in and out and are cool when it comes to important decisions. It will be a master move how you manage to reflect this is your behavior and words.

A move of luck will surprise you around the 18th, but it is the more important what you decide to do with what you find out.

Caught red handed

During the second half of the month you might be caught in offside several times at work, but this is not because you are distracted, but because you tend to get on board with too many things at a time.

If you don’t want to create the wrong impression, you will have to stop being so nice and helpful with everyone, as this is one behavior that is often causing you to get in trouble.

There may be an occasion for travel and you will have to take some days to prepare that. Don’t rush into anything because you might end up regretting it.

There is no need to overcomplicate your life, especially if there are other people who can help you with planning as well.

You might reach the conclusions that is best to pay extra for quality service and you will be happy with your choice even if this might come across as indulging.


You are not afraid of all sorts of changes and this will help you a lot during the last week of the month when some events are going to catch up with you. But it is not really your life that is going to get all the more exciting but it is actually your partner’s life.

You will be required more than support and understanding. Perhaps you will have to be a lot more involved in their job or help around the house.

Nonetheless, you will probably be very proud and will make this something that everyone knows about, even if this will terribly annoy your partner.

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