Scorpio May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This May will allow you to come closer to whatever your heart desires. Some natives may experience greater progress whilst for others, although things may move at a slower pace, the value of the changes at hand will greatly outweigh the speed.

Most of the issues you encounter this month will be easily resolved through open communications so you will not need to resort to your usual “grudge holding”.

At work, your timely completion of an important project will be remarked and you may also be rewarded financially for your efforts.

Uranus, one of your big protectors, will positively aspect you this month whilst Mercury will help sweeten up, your otherwise, direct manner of dealing with things.

Matches made in heaven are finally possible, with chances, for single natives, to meet someone very special, perhaps during the second half of the month.


Enhance: Jupiter retrograde may not be the best aspect for keeping a tight grip on your money but there are hidden opportunities to be discovered by fine connoisseurs in the art of investments.

Over the top

A big emphasis will be put on self-control during the first week of May as you will present everyone with bubbly outbursts of confidence and enthusiasm, in some moments when people actually want to focus and don’t want to be distracted.

On a similar note, you may take personal offence should your partner ask you to tone down your reactions, especially in public. You are not willing to make any concessions and will claim that no one can prevent you from expressing your emotions.

You might also show jealousy and a sense of control, should your partner be focused on other plans instead of spending 100% of their time in your company.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury conjunct Uranus aspect, occurring on the 13th, is one of high emotional charge and will prompt you to take responsibility over matters you have outstanding, even if this proves very stressful to you.

Expect rapid changes around the 11th and 13th as you will need to make some quick decisions. Around the first date there are great conditions for signing contracts and similar activities whilst around the second date, with Mercury conjunct Uranus, any outstanding issues will overwhelm you.

The conclusion is that you really need to keep an eye on your windows of opportunity during the first half of May.

As mentioned earlier, personal display of work capacity will not remain unnoticed and aside from gaining recognition, you may be asked to help a colleague who is struggling.

This is where your negotiation skills will need to come in place as, no matter how understanding and inclined to help you may be, you must also protect your own self work.


TOP TIP of the month: With Venus’ arrival in Cancer on the 19th, what better notice you need regarding your tendency to overwhelm those around with your displays of emotion, sometimes rather pathetic.

Some insecurities to deal with

From the 20th onwards, some conflicting signals related to your love life may leave you baffled. You have the tendency to be on your best behavior with your partner and expect the same.

Any compromise you decide to make during this time will be thoroughly analyzed and will remain under scrutiny. You are not willing to let anything go.

Some natives may also have the tendency to patronize their loved one, although all is hidden under the mask of a nurturing behavior.

They are not foolish and will read between the lines. If they are just half as fierce as you are, do expect some retaliation.


Watch out! A business partnership you have worked very hard to maintain may be at risk of dissolving this month, due to some frivolous misunderstandings. Be aware of what could possibly offend your partner.

Around the 23rd, you may have to deal with a conflict of interest and may need to wash some dirty laundry at work.

This is not going to be easy for you but at least, after this episode, you will be in the clear with everything and will feel at so much ease mentally.

The Venus Saturn opposition aspect occurring between the 25th and the 27th will wake up some insecurities you thought you have already dealt with. Your partner will be just as surprised as you that you still carry certain doubts.

The good news is that this will not create any havoc as you will not be confrontational about your feelings, in fact, will try to deal with the situation as diplomatic as possible, and preferably on your own.

Before you know it, romance and an easy-going mood will be restored, just in time to make room to some friendly events you might have on the agenda for the last two days of May.

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