Scorpio May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You need to keep your eyes wide open this month and avoid being too naïve. This is not a straightforward month and therefore it will not be to your advantage if you complicate things further by making all sort of scenarios or by trusting people who shouldn’t be trusted.

Protect yourself from dishonest intents but don’t be too harsh on those around. There is a lot of kindness to be offered too and you shouldn’t prevent yourself from offering it.

You may also find yourself interested in a particular hobby or sport, in order to evacuate any surplus energy.

Because Mars will be residing in your house of relationships and partnerships, do expect some sentimental aggression and challenges. The wailing can come out of the blue, the fights of pride can be on the order of the day. Try to keep your calm and avoid such confrontations.

These tensions might come up out of nothing but luckily, they can be extinguished as easily as they surface.

You will have serious material benefits in the second part of the month. You can receive some gifts, bonuses or bonuses. But even if you are well with money, you need to be careful about showing too much pride and angering those close as a consequence.

May highlights

It appears that the month of May debuts with some interesting challenges professionally but you will not only gain the experience but also some kind of financial benefit.

In or around 5, it is advisable to take care how much you spend and perhaps to take advice from someone older and wiser from the family.

With the Venus Saturn quadrature occurring on the 7th, you will be quite sensible when it comes to a particular subject and will do everything in your power to avoid it.

But you can’t run from the truth indefinitely so you will eventually need to catch up with that topic and settle things once for all. Of course that after doing this you will feel beyond relieved.

Since one of the planets in this quadrature is in exile and the other in the home, we will feel strongly the energy bag with which this astral configuration operates.

We are therefore asked to start a new chapter with regard to others, based less on practical or material considerations. Now is the time to find other foundations to relate to.

During or around 9, there might be few things going to work at schedule, but the light at the end of the tunnel, which may be a salary increase, can be seen.

During the second half of the month, some natives will find that their relationships and collaborations abroad intensify and they get to experience a different culture.

Around the 16th, the Mercury Saturn triangle will help you expose more of your ideas clearly and will make everyone feel more confident in their own powers. We may also be more romantic and affectionate than usual.

From the 21st Scorpios will be able to see certain aspects of their life differently, and might even come across a business opportunity, perhaps using resources that they already have at hand.

Scorpio love horoscope for May

As the New Moon occurring on the 5th will activate your seventh house of partnerships and relations, be sure that your love life will be stirred right from the start of the month.

But this also means that many Scorpios have opportunities to start new sentimental relationships with long-term chances.

Those who are already involved in married or married relationships may bring a new breath of fresh air and will interact differently with the loved one.

Surely, relationships can work much better, people to be more relaxed and more affectionate and even put an effort in repairing relationships that squeak, when redefining common goals.

Another important event takes place on the 15th, as Venus, the all-time protector of love and beauty, also enters your seventh house, encouraging the reinvention of relationships and promoting a peak of passion.

The Venus Uranus conjunction occurring between the 17th and the 19th is a very good omen for long-term plans, but it can also mark the moment when some Scorpions suddenly decide to formalize their love relationship. So it is possible to make or receive, unexpectedly, a request in marriage.

Even Scorpios who’ve been self-proclaimed bachelors for a long time can suddenly enter a tumultuous relationship with an influential person that will mean a lot in their life.

The passions are revived in the couple and can successfully resume the intimate, soul-to-soul communication with the entrance of the Sun and Mercury in the eight house, on the 21st.

On the whole, you are going through a fast-paced love month, even if the first half of May is crammed with doubt, jealousy, or perhaps with power-crunch, both on your part and on that of your partner.

Career progress this month

Some Scorpions might encounter some difficulties communicating during this period, and their career follows a rather monotonous line. It is not the time to change, so leave plans aside for now.

The first two weeks of May may be more agitated, with more complex demands, but also with a desire to work only at endeavors that are very important.

You will have to take care of everything that is related to documents, study papers, authorizations of all sorts, so be prepared for any eventuality.

You may need to go back to school in one way or another, or want to take a step forward professionally and act accordingly. You could even go back to your first professional option, which can be very different from the present one.

Towards the end of the month, pleasant surprises may appear, perhaps not as pleasant as you would hope in but enough to get you out of routine for a bit and to bring some excitement in your life.

More money comes from your own work, either because you decide to ask more for the same job, or because you will take on more tasks that are better paid. The second option will prove to be a very good choice, with medium- and long-term beneficial results.

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