Scorpio May 2020 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2020-04-25, 4650 views

With all that is happening in the world at the moment, Scorpions are already thinking about vacation and make plans about the destination to choose, even if only virtually. Perhaps you just enjoy browsing online and dreaming with your eyes wide open.

Unfortunately, this May you fail to communicate effectively, and this will bring you problems on all levels. Try to pay more attention to what others are saying and do not try to impose your views. Also, this month it is essential that you learn how to work as part of a team.

The Moon’s activity will come as a challenge for Scorpio natives. They will have all kinds of contradictory discussions at work with certain colleagues and will also attract the attention of the bosses. This will bring a lot of benefits to you and you will be seen much better at work.

The fact that you kept your opinion until the end and that you tried to show certain people things in a very calm way in a particularly difficult situation will help you a lot in your professional development.

May 2020 highlights

There will still be a month when certain ambitions are lowered, and when it comes to talking to your partner about the future, you will feel that this doesn't appeal to you at all.

If this happens, do not make excuses, but familiarize your partner with the position of the planets and their impact on your behavior! Mercury's influence is unquestionable and at least you will have a good excuse.

But the Scorpion should still show the partner that he or she cares about them. Discussion of serious issues can be delayed.

According to the horoscope, some Scorpios should not be too naive in May and if something seems to good to be true, then it probably isn’t. Whether it's a potential partner, financial advisor or dishonest intentions from a colleague, be careful. The surplus of energy you may be feeling can be consumed by practicing the preferred sport.

Advice for key dates in May:

Around the 3rd: A favorable context for initiating new activities;

Around the 11th: Open up about your emotions, but only to those you really trust;

Around the 16th: Leave unnecessary worries aside and try to stay optimistic;

Around the 24th: Check with your friends, someone may need your help;

Around the 29th: Be reserved in your statements and more understanding to others.

Scorpio love horoscope for May

You will be more attentive to the partner, you will give more consideration to their actions and opinions this month. Communication will also be at high levels as well as cooperation with those around you.

All of these are facilitated by the presence of Venus. If you are single, chances are that in the second part of the month you will meet someone at work or with the "help" of your friends at work.

Complications can occur within an important partnership. The demands you make on each other may seem restrictive and arguments are possible. Although difficult, the situation can give you a greater awareness of others, teaching you how to be tolerant and patient. You can easily handle the deepest and most comprehensive topics. Use your energy wisely and now make concrete plans for all your long-term goals.

Think about what you wanted romantically and domestically five or ten years ago, then break down the bigger ones into smaller ones. The achievements come step by step.

Career and finances

Scorpions work hard this month because they need a lot of money. Due to some expenses they have had lately, they do not have enough savings to feel comfortable.

This is a period in which you can feel that you are braking in everything you want to do. The biggest bump is also at work, and at home on a personal level where you have a lot to do.

It is necessary to concentrate all your strength and thoughts to complete the professional tasks. Relationships with colleagues are distorted and the work environment is tense.

Especially with women, major and long-term conflicts are possible. Prudence, detachment, work as well as you can and avoid exaggerations of any kind!

Rest regularly, dose your efforts and feed yourself properly! Partner relationships are active throughout the month, so changes will occur both in the relationship with the life partner and in the socio-professional collaboration partnerships.

Wellbeing in May

The middle of the spring is all about relationships for you, dear Scorpio, and others suddenly become the center of your life. Your zodiac is the opposite of Taurus and you are much more complicated, sexual and intense compared to its simplicity, sensuality and direct approach.

So the Sun in Taurus season brings great joy and vitality to life, music and colors. Now it is good to consolidate an important arrangement, a relationship or a business partnership to see exactly how you want to take things further.

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