Scorpio May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Make sure you’re focusing on your powerful sensuality and intimacy for this month. You won’t have a sad spring’s end. Notice how Taurus is sending you beautiful energies that are joyful and somewhat intimate.

Welcome surprises and receive shocking news with a smile on your face. You’re extremely dynamic and feel a push to outrun yourself because Mars is in a Water sign.

Saturn with your sign in square has you reforming your home and family life. For the 2nd decan, be diplomatic. On the 14th, Jupiter will enter your creative and loving sector, so you will beautifully evolve during the 1st decan.

Starting with the 21st, a planetary group in the sign of Gemini has your libido increasing and asks what kind of money relationship you have with someone. May 2021 looks like a good month for you.

May 2021 Highlights

In May, the planets’ transits will have you wanting to be independent and free. Scorpios will get to know what direction they’re following in life.

At the same time, they won’t hesitate to put things in balance and to take action by following the principles they believe the most in.

You will have many opportunities to grow as a person this month. However, the challenges coming your way will have you investing many efforts in overcoming them. You will have to make important decisions and to have no fear for the future.

The more self-confident and intuitive you are, the more you can achieve great things on a personal and professional level.

For almost the entire month of May, Scorpios will make changes that will attract them relationships with people who allow them to be independent and find out many things they have no idea about. This means they will improve their knowledge, become wiser and achieve success no matter what they may be doing.

Scorpio Love Horoscope for May

Scorpios will be as passionate and rapturing as they usually are this month, maybe even more. For the last 2 weeks of May, they will experience many ups and downs. However, they will communicate about sex in an open manner, so they will understand what their partner needs.

This time period is good for them to get rid of the doubts they’re having regarding affections. They need to be explanatory and sometimes ask for explanations, depending on the situation.

Some issues of the past that haven’t been fixed may reappear into their life. The sky’s energies are inviting you to enjoy the beautiful influences of Taurus. They will favor your sensuality and desire for passion by giving you true love.

Mercury will be a boost in your psychological knowledge starting with the 5th and until the 31st, so you’ll detect lies from a mile away. Mars in Cancer brings about strong feelings and love, making you happy.

If you are happy with your relationship, the promise is you will get along well with your partner, and your connection will be based on mutual understanding and trust.

Uranus comes to make you more original when it comes to the conjugal scene. If you’re not following its influence, your mood may be darkened by your partner actually stealing money from you for gambling or perhaps an addiction. Starting with the 14th, you’re the cutest person.

Career and Finances Horoscope

For the first months of the year, Scorpios have realized they’re not very happy with their job, so if they want to change this, May is the ideal month for them to do so. They’re known to take work very seriously.

The decisions they were thinking about making a few months back will very likely be made in May, when they’ll realize the situation they’re in can’t go on anymore, as it has for long affecting their health, courage and mood, and not in a good way.

This month, Scorpios will get to understand they have to make some changes and trust their own abilities, as they have a lot to show to the entire world.

When it comes to their financial situation, this will be stable, but seeing they have quite indulged in the past months, they need to put something aside because they may want to buy a new house or car very soon.

A large sum of money may be necessary for them to make an acquisition, so they will want to spend their own money and end up in debt. The good news is that they may be surprised with a new source of income because they’ve made some very wise investing decisions lately.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Scorpios will continue being in very good shape and healthy. The process of physical and mental recovery that started for them at the beginning of the year is going to continue.

They will feel relieved and as if the changes coming their way are only positive. Possessing unbeatable energy, they will finish their projects and accomplish their goals. Those of them who suffer from allergies and chronic diseases will continue to face the same health problems as before.

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