Scorpio November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2744 views

Scorpio’s intuition to be emphasised, intuition that gives you information about what is not seen or spoken by other people and which is a great asset at your disposal, the Scorpio November 2015 monthly horoscope shows that clearly. It’s mainly due to Mercury transiting your sign during November 2-20 that provides you with a deep perception but, at the same time, with a powerful capacity to communicate in a subtle way.

Even if few people will get the real message, the majority of them will find you interesting and worthy of being followed. The most intense time will be around November 11.

Facing your fears

But now an issue arises here. How will you use this power you get from the astrological context? You will act and speak out what people need to know or what they are afraid to face so that either way you will try to have them under your power for controlling them?

Or maybe you can do better than that and use your special perception for the benefit of your relationships, helping others overcome their inner angst through constructive suggestions? Helping those around you become serene and confident people seems to be the only way to settle healthy relationships. You shouldn’t forget that in spite of eventual temptations. 

Debts can’t be escaped forever

The tense planetary aspects on mutable signs that are expected to disturb anyone, especially in the last decade of the month, will highly influence your money account. But there is more than money. It’s time for you to pay for any eventual unrealistic or irresponsible investments or big expenditures you’ve made in the last years.

Or it might be about lack of caution in assuring that you put some money aside for the worst. Chances are for both ethical and legal issues to weigh in a lot in solving your money issues. Anyway, I still need to give a little piece of advice on that.

Even there is a great temptation to search for a creative plan in order to escape some of your responsibilities as regards money or even maybe other valuable assets, this is not a smart solution, in fact, it will only aggravate your difficulties.

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