Scorpio November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 7471 views

It seems that the main challenge of November for you is to be more tolerant with those around you and to appreciate the diversity that surrounds you, rather than blame it for any shortfalls.

You may be under considerable stress at work but this is not reason to blame others, instead try to work with them because it seems that all collaborations are going to be benefited. You may also come up with new ways of expressing yourself professionally and along these changes, you can alter parts of how you react to others too.

Diplomacy is to be valued this month and if you require support from others, be sure you are not going to obtain it unless you know how to grease the wheels of power.

Family lessons

The first few days should rock the boat enough to last for the entire month. You will receive some surprising news and the whole point will be that you need to be flexible if you want to achieve anything.

You may be negative at first and just point out the weak areas but this can also be constructive. At home, some younger family members are also going to teach you a very important lesson.

Around the 4th, there may be some occasion to escape to a near by place and spend quite a relaxing day in the company of those dear to you. The honesty that surrounds you should humble you and make you believe more in your objectives.

What love does to you

In love you are charming and take advantage of the spells you are able to throw on those around. The only element you don’t seem to take into account is the fact that you may come across someone with powers just as strong as yours, someone who will sweep you off your feet.

And chances are that if you play for enough time with fire, that you will get burned. The peak exciting times in love for you, Scorpio, should be around the 15th. Whilst at first you won’t really know what hit you, step by step, you will start challenging your love interest.

Manners will come into play as well and you might find yourself trying to appear as sophisticated as possible to attract. Try not to exaggerate though, especially when it comes to changes you make to your physique because you may become ridiculous.

Health and work challenges

During the first few days after the 18th, you might confront with some health issues, nothing major though. You will require rest and this will be an act of force because you are not easily convinced to give up your plans.

If you don’t want for things to aggravate, then you should listen to the advice you receive. Also, your partner or whomever is advising you, may feel offended if you don’t display enough co-operation.

You may feel extra pressure in returning to work because you may feel as if you are losing some of your authority, in the favor of colleagues who are more recently employed than you.

There is no need for confrontation and you can rest assured that if you remain organized, no one will have chances to move past you.

How you behave towards friends

You will feel permanently in a hurry during the last week of November but this is not because you are too slow but rather because you are proposing to accomplish way too many things than it is humanly possible.

Around the 28th you might be in a position to help a friend but instead of being nice to them like you feel on the inside, you are probably going to hurry them and make it all seem as if their request is a nuisance for you.

Unfortunately, you will only realize that your behavior is not correct when it is slightly too late and you will need to do extra efforts to mend your relationship with them, something that may take a while.

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