Scorpio November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 6138 views

This is your month and you can already feel it, whether or not you are acknowledging it. This November marks a great moment of re-birth and understanding of where your life is.

This period actually marks the greatest chances, up until the end of the year, to change something but you are expected to be passionate about the aspects you wish to transform.

You are going to be rather introspective for the majority of the month, trying to attain as much analysis as possible but this is not to say that there won’t be some very interesting moments of success at work too.

On the contrary, it seems that around the middle of the month you will shine at work and will be able to feed your personal analysis with the success you have just reported.

The only downside of this soul-searching month may refer to the fact that you may end up overlooking a series of details that could prove useful in different aspects of your life and it will be very difficult to get these back.

Also, be careful about the pressure you might inadvertently put on your partner because they might have their own personal fights to deal with and your personal dilemmas might not sit as well as you would think with them.

Social life with ups and downs

You really don’t want to conform to the norm this November and will try to stay as far as possible from the ways others are taking, even if this might mean more work for you.

And under the influence of the Jupiter quincunx Uranus aspect debuting on the 8th, you will most likely be inclined towards artistic activities.

You are also leaving your guard down when it comes to money spent and you will wish to do anything to see those around you happy and pleased. This includes spoiling your significant other and spending a lot of time with them, even in the detriment of your work time.

Around the same time, the Venus trine Mars aspect will get you to be very dreamy and to try and escape any type of routine, you may otherwise be accustomed with. In order to keep your mind free of temptation, you may wish to invest your energy in exercise, whether alone or in a group.

Bear in mind that you are not terribly practical during this period so don’t start any endeavours you are not sure you can get to completion, especially around the house.

Around the 16th, despite the fact that Mercury is soon to turn retrograde, you seem to be charming and in a great mood. This will attract the best kind of audience and it will most likely make you feel very important.

However, it seems that things out to change to 180 degrees the following days as a wave of shyness may descend upon you. Well, this might actually be your need for introspection that is interpreted by others as a sudden shyness. You will feel too tired by all the social interactions and will wish to spend some time on your own.

Different decisions

You seem to regain your sense of responsibility after the 20th and will make sure that you deal with anything that may be outstanding, including paying any debt and other things that may have been on your head for a while now.

A good time to also confront yourself with any issues that have been lurking in your relationship and to try and have an honest discussion with your partner.

The Mercury square Mars aspect debuting on the 26th will help you strengthen your confidence in your domestic situation and you will not feel this temptation towards escaping from your routine. Whilst you may not be entirely at peace with certain things, you will be able to relax more and just let some things be.

Beware of any negotiations or last-minute decisions because this is not a good time to action. Better take a step back and study the paperwork and the fine print. You have enough time to change your mind all over again and you should really take it.

Acting on an impulse will only agitate you more and even if a decision might seem right, there will always be some shadow on it, due to the rush you were under at the time you made your choice.

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